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Alison knows how to seize the bursts of laughter. And the bursts of laughter in picture is pretty. It sees a moment of happiness for eternity. It warms the heart on cold days. It reminds us that there have been better days. And there will be new ones. One day. Photos are important. They conserve, stack, exchange, classify, expose themselves, give themselves. They go through time.


I think that as far as I can remember I always liked the pictures. I am as attracted to cameras. It may be a fear of forgetting the details, a fear of forgetting the good times, a fear of seeing memories fly away. A fear of not being able to contain everything in my head. Then I freeze them over time through an objective. Whether I’m facing or behind the lens.

When something happens the first reaction we have is to take refuge in our photos. As if we wanted to make sure that everything existed. That everything will still exist. That nothing has gone. Somehow the photos are reassuring.


For this look Alison took me to a place I did not know. It was the deal. You know that I spend a lot of time walking in Valencia so it was a task for her that was a bit complicated. But she successfully met the challenge. Now the question is what do you recognize this place? I wait for your suggestions in comments;) The first who finds wins the right to make me discover a new place that I do not know, tempting not? ^^


Regarding the outfit it is a T-shirt size 46 .. yes you read 46. I liked it a lot in the Primark of Oxford Street during our trip to London, but not in tee shirt I wanted it in dress , it’s done. For jewelry we find my owl bracelet found in Notting Hill, my bracelet Alex And Ani came straight from Toronto, my XC32 bracelet made in my deep Ardeche, my Louis Pion watch that spends many days with me so much I love it. And my Ose Bijoux bracelet from the old collection, remember I was talking about the new collection in an article here. A Primark t-shirt, a pair of wedges and an Abercrombie & Fitch jacket. That’s it !


You may wonder why I have a microphone on the pictures? Or you have not even noticed it? The photos were taken by Alison during the half day when we were shooting for France 3, broadcast of the show “Midi in France” scheduled the week of October 24. As much to say that I am divided between the excitement of seeing me on TV and the fear of seeing me on TV.

Excellente soirée à tous mes petits loups à frange.

astrid signature article

fringinto-alison-bounce-france3 5

bijoux ose

fringinto-alison-bounce-france3 7

fringinto-alison-bounce-france3 8

fringinto-alison-bounce-france3 4

fringinto-alison-bounce-france3 4

fringinto-alison-bounce-france3 12

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