Graffiti Alley

In Toronto street-art is omnipresent, look up, open your eyes, walk. Whole walls covered with the words displayed at the top of a building, from the simplest to the most surprising, from the darkest to the most colorful street art is part of the culture of Toronto. So much that the city has set up a program to protect the most beautiful works, it even offers a map of the works listed. Long considered vandalism, street art began gradually to be recognized as art, art often ephemeral but art nevertheless. Destination Graffiti Alley for this outfit !

graffiti alley

And what a great idea to go to Graffiti Alley on a sunny Sunday! We were not the only ones to have had the idea. It’s a very well-known place for street-art fans, it’s nicknamed Graffiti Alley is to say (even Google added it to his map ^^) nobody uses his original name: Rush Lane, to find it : Queen Street West and Portland (there are several ways to get there I give you the closest to home). To know more and to guide you there are visits with Tour Guide not yet tested but I read good feedbacks!

After a bit of information about urban life in Toronto, let’s focus on this look that blends beautifully with the colors of the walls! I looked for this jacket for about 8000 years by going regularly to my favorite thrift store in Toronto: The Black Market. Everything is at $ 10 rather simple as a concept. In my basic idea it was a long sleeved jacket and only nails in the back. Finally I found 2 jackets in Levi’s sleeveless jeans in size XL. Yes always bigger, it is my sense of sharing and generosity ! And then I’m great at ease believe me!

After hooking a million pins on my board: CUSTOMIZED JACKETS on Pinterest and shopping at Michaels (Canadian cousin of Cultura) (In 4 times well because I always forgot an essential but not essential Times before .. In short) I finally threw myself into the water and I let my creativity explode in the eyes of all. As I said on Snapchat one gets much closer to his country once he has left, it is an observation. I now have a jacket in jeans rather gorgeous, generous and which clearly shows my origins: MADE IN FRANCE!

A vintage effect tee-shirt that did not have it at all since it came out of an Abercrombie & Fitch boutique direction my closet 10 days ago. But I love it very much. A jeans already seen on one of my New York looks it comes from the Forever21 of Times Square (just an opportunity to place that I was in New York last month for those who would have forgotten that is all!). And my shoes. I do not know if we talk about the love I feel for these shoes. It is a madness I find that they dress a dress just by their presence (and there in my head I think: by their presence even if it is only next to the outfit, in short a joke a little rotten but I ‘ Have died of laughter, it counts not?). In addition they already have an aged / damaged effect on the front that will prevent me from getting on the furniture / chairs / others when someone approaches too close to my feet (The kind of things you often experience in nightclub).

I leave you the rest of the photos of the look that besides was the look that I was wearing for the last evening of Fashion Toronto, find my opinion and the photos here.

Je vous embrasse bien fort mes petits loups à frange.

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Hat: Pimkie – Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch – Jacket: Levi’s – Jeans: Forever 21 – Shoes: Steve Madden – Watch: Daniel Wellington

Pictures: Genta 🙂

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