Forgive yourself

This period of the year often gives me some thought as to how far I have come in recent years and how I am now able to live serenely. Spring has always brought its share of upsets and novelties in my life. From driving license to first love, from more personal to more traditional things spring does not usually go unnoticed. I like to take the time to look at this path traveled, learn lessons and above all understand how yesterday helped me to be the one I am. Today we are talking about forgiveness (and it is not a mass you are still on my blog ^ ^)

I have long been a prisoner of my “demons”. I repeated in a loop that I was what I was because of the trials that life had imposed on me. That finally it was not totally my fault. I was the victim here. I had not yet understood the benefit of forgiveness and it was not one-sided. I did not just need to forgive the other for moving forward. I also had to digest the reason for this forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean that you endorse the stupidity you have suffered. Forgiveness does not mean that you understand the motivations of the person in front of you. Forgiveness does not mean that life will come back to life as if by magic. In my opinion, forgiveness has a different meaning. Forgiveness, in my opinion, helps you accept a situation that can not be changed. The consequences are there. Indelible. They will not leave. It is up to you to find how to adjust these new parameters to your life to come out grows. Forgiveness frees you from a situation that can keep you in the past and whose weight prevents you from flying to other destinations.


Finally forgiveness helps you to no longer be in the “because of” but in the “thanks to”. Through this ordeal I learned. I am not of a rancorous nature. I start from the simple principle that I will end up forgiving and that I prefer not to waste valuable time in my life to re-energize these negative waves inside of me. I decided not to bother myself with resentments against others because I have neither time nor energy to waste. That I give an important value to every minute of my life and that a moment in my life that hurts me does not deserve my time. It is a somewhat simplistic formula that can make you laugh and let me believe that I live in a world of bisournous (already heard in the context of work …) but not. I only think that whatever happens around you what you make of it depends only on you. Do not forget that this is your life.

Finally, forgiveness is selfish: I forgive you for ridding my mind of the things that hurt me. I forgive you because I know I am better than that. To accept to forgive is to offer oneself a chance to advance and believe me I do not live to attach to the ties of the past but I have not forgotten the pain either, I learned lessons, I reconsidered Some relationships and I came out more free. Further in my search for personal balance.

Otherwise level look we find the look that I preferred to wear to Fashion Art Toronto last month. It is the look that has also the most typed in the eye among the 4! By force you know that I dedicate a passion without limit to the tutus. You must wear it proudly, put the front, do not hide it under a long garment. Bring it to light. He’s the star. Do not be afraid to add a color perfecto. Stand out, be unique and as always: enjoy! Look like the person you want to see in the mirror.

Thank you so much for your returns on the day of the parade and the days that followed on Snap and Instagram about my outfit, it’s adorable.

Bonne soirée mes petits loups à frange.

I wear: Tutuskirt: Forever21 – Crop top: Forever21 – Perfecto: Forever21 – Shoes: Asos – Hat: BCBG

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  1. We have so much fun together because you are just a sweet soul! This was a great read and a good way to reinforce what forgiveness really means! Well written love! <3

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