Astrid, fringe since 2004, blogger since 2014, professional dancer and singer on Snapchat since 2016!


I run this blog with love since July 2014. When I first moved to Toronto. I was interested in blogging for a long time and this big change on my life was the perfect time to start it, first I just wanted to keep my family and friends in France updated, but quickly it turned differently to become a real community. I share my outfits, travels, tips and much more !

I lived in Toronto from July 2014 to June 2015. Moved back in Toronto in 2017.

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What you asked me the most

How did you move to Canada?

I applied for a WHV (Work Holiday Visa) I talked about in this post and here too and you can have more information on  Pvtistes.net.

What did you study?

I studied International Trade, I was graduated in 2009 (already ?!). I worked as a marketing assistant during a year and most of my experience is on sales: I worked 4 years as a sale representative, whose 3 years for a big international German company. In Canada I worked on sales too and I started working in communication and events. I’m now a freelance community manager, content creator and event planner.

What is the #BeFringFit Crew ?

It’s a running community just for girls I launched in 2015 in Valence. We have a private group on Facebook to meet and plan our runs. To join our over 100 members it’s pretty easy, all you need is your motivation, your strongest energy and running shoes !

Can you recommend me a restaurant in Valence ?

Yes of course I can ! I posted the ones I love in this post “Where to eat in Valence to help you, I also have a map with all the places I tried around the world.

What do you use to translate your posts ?

I’m using myself ! I’m translating all of my posts, it’s why sometimes I’m late on my English version of the blog.

Who designed your logo?

Marine Martinelli,  freelance designer from my home town now living in Brussel, Belgium: you can contact on her website et her Facebook.

Partnership: Everytime I post I will let you know clearly if it’s a partnership. If you are interested in have one please email me contact(@)fringinto.com .

If you have any other questions please let me know in comments or by email astrid(@)fringinto.com


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