I can still see myself looking for a name for my blog, try several combinations using the word fringe. I can see myself clicking on the button Create. Far from realizing that this blog was going to change my life, my desires and my future (this sentence sounds a bit like the beginning of a bad TV movie, thank you for not sticking to it).

I share my experience as a French person in Toronto, my favourites, my desires, my travels, my joie de vivre. I dance on Instagram Story, I love the simple things of life, I live life to the fullest. I am very optimistic, often late, I love to cook .. At 30 years I already had several lives. Those before and today. I am currently living my best life. I am passionate about human relations, I deeply love to meet new people and discover the path that led them to be the people they are today. If I had to have only one mission I would say that I would like to give everyone the hope to believe in his dreams. I am one of those people who know that happiness exists and that it is in our hands. It may not be perfect but it’s up to us to make it perfect. Our perfect.

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What you asked me the most

How did you move to Canada?

I applied for a WHV (Work Holiday Visa) I talked about in this post and here too and you can have more information on  Pvtistes.net. Since April 2019 I’m a permanent resident, you can follow my journey with the process here.

What did you study?

.I studied International Trade, I was graduated in 2009 (already ?!). I worked as a marketing assistant during a year and most of my experience is on sales: I worked 4 years as a sale representative, whose 3 years for a big international German company. In Canada I stayed in sales while moving towards communication and events. In 2016 I was in charge of communication between Valence and Grenoble. From 2017 to 2019 I was a Marketing Digital Specialist and then a Content Marketing creator in the sports industry. I have since freelance on different missions, contact me directly for more information.

Can you recommend me a restaurant in Valence ?

Yes of course I can ! I posted the ones I love in this post “Where to eat in Valence to help you, I also have a map with all the places I tried around the world.

What do you use to translate your posts ?

I’m using myself ! I’m translating all of my posts.

Marine Martinelli,  freelance designer from my home town now living in Brussel, Belgium: you can contact on her website et her Facebook.

Partnership: Everytime I post I will let you know clearly if it’s a partnership. If you are interested in have one please email me contact(@)fringinto.com .

If you have any other questions please let me know in comments or by email astrid(@)fringinto.com


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