Nice to meet you, I’m Astrid Moulin and you?

It’s funny to write a presentation article after more than 6 years of blogging, isn’t it? And yet I feel like it’s the right time. Many of you come to visit this blog every month, mainly because you found it in your Google searches but also because I shared an article in a Facebook group or because you follow me on my social medias. If you follow me on Instagram (if it is not the case yet, come on, I promise you we have fun there) you live my Canadian adventure every day and you probably already know a lot about it. But if you’re new here’s an article to put you in context and share some key information with you, enjoy reading! Welcome to this blog post, I’m your host Astrid Moulin.

Who am I ?

My name is Astrid Moulin, I’m 32 years old, I’m from the South East of France, from a small village in the Ardèche near Valence. In 2014 I took a plane to Toronto with a one year PVT in my pocket and the idea of learning English. At the end of this first year I returned to France and I came back to Toronto 18 months later! After having completed my 2 WHPs (yes it is possible for people who had a one-year WHP only before 2015), I got my permanent residency in April 2019.

What do I do in Toronto ?

I’m currently a blogger, freelance consultant, I lead workshops and I’m also a video consultant. To learn more about my academic and professional background before and since Canada, please read this article!

Blog posts to read about life in Toronto:

More blog post about immigration in Toronto here

Videos to watch about my experience in Toronto

More videos on my YouTube channel.

Podcasts where you can hear me:
  • Let’s chatte – my story about pyelonephristis (kidney infection) and my bladder surgery, I also tell you more about it in this article. Listen here (French). 
  • French Expat le podcast – my immigration journey, from decision making, to visas, to leaving for Canada. Advice for those who would like to live a similar adventure. Listen here (French). 
  • The New to Canada Podcast – I tell my story, why I came to Toronto, what I learned from the experience, and much more. Listen here (English).
  • Make The Cut – I talk about my experience as a content creator for Toronto’s sports teams. Listen to the episode here (English)
  • Whirlwind – cross interview with my little sister, we talk about moving to Canada, our relationship as teenagers and now as adults. Listen to the episode here (French)
Videos where I am invited to talk about my experience:
  • Théo Belnou – I’m answering Theo’s questions about my life in Toronto by taking you to some of my favourite places. Watch here French).
Articles where I am invited to share my experience:

More post in the Press section

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