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Nice to meet you, I’m Astrid and you?

It’s funny to write a presentation article after more than 6 years of blogging, isn’t it? And yet I feel like it’s the right time. Many of you come to visit this blog every month, mainly because you found it in your Google searches but also because I shared an article in a Facebook group or because you follow me on my social medias. If you follow me on Instagram (if it is not the case yet, come on, I promise you we have fun there) you live my Canadian adventure every day and you probably already know a lot about it. But if you’re new here’s an article to put you in context and share some key information with you, enjoy reading!

Who am I ?

My name is Astrid, I’m 32 years old, I’m from the South East of France, from a small village in the Ardèche near Valence. In 2014 I took a plane to Toronto with a one year PVT in my pocket and the idea of learning English. At the end of this first year I returned to France and I came back to Toronto 18 months later! After having completed my 2 WHPs (yes it is possible for people who had a one-year WHP only before 2015), I got my permanent residency in April 2019.

What do I do in Toronto ?

I’m currently a blogger, freelance consultant, I lead workshops and I’m also a video consultant. To learn more about my academic and professional background before and since Canada, please read this article!

Blog posts to read about life in Toronto:

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Videos to watch about my experience in Toronto

More videos on my YouTube channel.

Podcasts where you can hear me:
  • Let’s chatte – my story about pyelonephristis (kidney infection) and my bladder surgery, I also tell you more about it in this article. Listen here (French). 
  • French Expat le podcast – my immigration journey, from decision making, to visas, to leaving for Canada. Advice for those who would like to live a similar adventure. Listen here (French). 
  • The New to Canada Podcast – I tell my story, why I came to Toronto, what I learned from the experience, and much more. Listen here (English).
  • Make The Cut – I talk about my experience as a content creator for Toronto’s sports teams. Listen to the episode here (English)
  • Whirlwind – cross interview with my little sister, we talk about moving to Canada, our relationship as teenagers and now as adults. Listen to the episode here (French)
Videos where I am invited to talk about my experience:
  • Théo Belnou – I’m answering Theo’s questions about my life in Toronto by taking you to some of my favourite places. Watch here fFrench).
Articles where I am invited to share my experience:

More post in the Press section

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