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Why do you run ?

Why do you run ? I heard this question often. Since a year and half running is part of my life (and my closet, I have too many running clothes now ahah), since almost 7 months I created the running community  #BeFringFitCrew , because that I’m on conversation talking about sports, especially running of course. I heard often: “I can’t run without any goal” “I run 3 minutes and I’m already bored so I stop”. Trust me I know it, few times ago I could say it (I barely sure I already did actually 😉 ) so I totally understand your feelings.

why do you run

However today I love and overall I need to run. I take advantages of the long weekend to surpass my records, to take time for myself with musics on my earsphone, as I want, no obligation. It’s what I like about running, you don’t have any obligation except the ones you choose, you can run anywhere, when you travel, a pair of running and an outfit on your luggage and you are ready. Running is not expensive, no need to buy a lot of stuffs to start (ok after you will become crazy going on a Nike store, thanks the Clearance one 15 minutes from my place ahah), and overall you always have a room of improvement, different declinations: trail, obstacles races, triathlon…

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I love this idea you can make your goals. I explain myself: you have different steps in running: reach 5K, then 10K, a speed etc.. As a game when you unlock levels. You can knew a lot of successes. I love seing proud smile the girls from the #BeFringFitCrew when they reach a goal they thought unattainable ! Hear them thanks the others for the support, hear than without the group power they will probably never succeed, it’s like an endless stair we love to climb.

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Why do I run ? Because running brings me some more discipline, helps become better and helps me realize nothing is impossible, motivation can be share. And makes me happy 🙂 Find what makes you happy too.

Why do you run ?

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