Third #BeFringFit Challenge

After the first edition in January. The second in February, #BeFringFitChallenge was back April 10th with a little break in March ;).

Little reminder for the ones who just arrived, the #BeFringFit Crew is a running community for girls I created in Octobre 2015 in Valence. An attractive concept which allows inspired and inspiring girls to meet to run together. Since January I organize with a coach a training to get out of our comfort zone and change from running. All these are with smile and good mood !

So last Sunday we were 21, mat and bottle of water, 10.30am on the Parc Jouvet meeting our new coach: Jeffrey Gourdol ! If it was his first challenge with us he is far from a newbie ! He studied on STAPS (athletic school), he trains people to accomplish their personal challenges (marathon, loosing weight, etc). He become really quickly a trust reference for the #BeFringFit Crew. With him we discover more about running and sport in general. He is profesional and available, I’m very glad I can count him as the unique guy member of our team 😉 and I would recommend him if you need a coach !

coach jeffrey gourdol valence

The class

We trained during an hour and half with various exercises, under the sun from April, on the middle of the green park, I have to say that everything was so perfect ! People walking asked for information attracted by our laught and good mood. It’s not just about training, it’s about sharing time together, taking time for yourself with your friends !

coaching befringfitcrew valence

Thanks Nono for the pictures of our first I created the #BeFringFit Challenge to enable the women of Valence to do sport together in order to meet each other. Thanks Jeff our amazing coach. If you have any request please contact him on his website, Instagram or Facebook!

Have a nice day,

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