Vintage market Lyon 2016

look marché de la mode vintage

I love clothes it’s not a secret for anyone. But what I love more is that my clothes look like my personnality, my mood and my wishes. Fashion is a… It’s why from several years now I’m mixing clothes from vintage stores with clothes from Zara on the same outfit. I like giving a second life to the clothes and feel like it’s kind of unique. I will probably never see a girl with the same. It’s funny how we grow up: during my adolescence I would anything to look as much as possible like my friends. Today I really have a clothes independance (yes 28 years old it seems normal ^^) and I really like finding the one piece which will make the difference. I buy in a different way: better and less.

polaroid vintage

Last weekend for the third or fourth times I can’t remember I want to the Vintage Market in Lyon. THE big meeting from all fashion and vintage lovers. In French I said “all” included guys but in English it’s the same word. A lot of men visit the market too, who says guys don’t like fashion ?

jeans vintage

In few years the market become more commercial, I found the atmosphere a little bit different from the past years (2012, 2013 if my memories are good) the big vintage store gave us an amazing feeling with true vintage lovers coming from an other century with their crazy outfit. Today I checked 2 or 3 amazing outfit, few vintage lovers but a lot of people just coming to walk on a Sunday afternoon. Too bad but it’s also the risk when you get successful !

défilé de mode marché de la mode vintage

We assisted to an amazing show from a fashion school, congrats girls you made and wore your own outifts ! You rocks !


We had fun at the photocall, and Nico found a girlfriend 😉 Nice time with a super volunteer team of photographers !

A good time looking for the unique piece, whatever the change I still like finding amazing clothes from the past.

Did you go ?

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Jeans jacket: boutique vintage – Echarpe: Jennyfer – Skirt: H&M – Shirt: Peace Collective.







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