Take your bags, let’s go.

As you know I will soon fly to Ireland, I will meet a friend from Toronto who gets married and enjoy a dozen days to discover this country that I do not know at all. I heard a lot of good, I am super excited to travel alone and then it is a nice way to start the year 2017. Between my first trip and this one I realize that I get better and better to optimize the Place, turn the useless and keep the essential. I also realize that the “digital” part of my life always takes up more space. The computer. The iPad. The Iphone. The camera. Goals. The external hard drive. And of course all the shippers that go with it. Take your bags, let’s go!

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To protect all this small world I had the chance to be able to test a second time CaseApp products and unlike the first time I decided to pamper also my computer by offering a new visual. For a few weeks he has a pretty black marble pattern with a few words: Blogueuse à frange. I loved the pattern but I wanted to have something personal! And since my computer is not my only working tool I chose a shell for my iPhone 6S natural marble effect to which I added the same words. Between all this and my tote bag I play the card fringe thoroughly, because you know we should all wear the fringe ^^


If you also want to test the CaseApp products get a 20% discount on the site with the code FRINGINTO20XMAS and try to win the product of your choice thanks to the contest on my Instagram!

Nice evening mes petits loups à frange.



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