Definitive hair removal, a year after.

A little more than a year ago I spoke to you about definitive hair removal in pulsed light in this article that I invite you to reread. I explained to you what it was exactly, what the process was, how different it was from the laser, how often we had to go, the areas that we could depilate, the contraindications, I told you about the pain and the price too. I shared a little my opinion but a notice sitting after without session without being able to make you a global return. I get a lot of questions about this, so here is a return on this year that has changed my life!

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Yesterday I made my 7th session, the one that should be the last one! In general it takes 6 sessions minimum to completely remove the hairs. Since my 4th session I do not really have any hair but it is necessary to know that a hair can take up to 9 months to repel it is therefore important to spread the sessions over time to touch the different cycles of regrowth and Respect the number of week of rest. On the contrary if you spend too many sessions (if you shift your sessions for example) you take the risk of losing the benefit of the cure. For me in over a year we will have reached all cycles! Bye bye the hairs! Between each session it is necessary to shave it is very important, this makes it possible to make the hairs more apparent, the more you shave, the more the hairs stand out the more chance of being caught by the machine at the next session. My sessions were initially spaced 6 weeks apart, then 8 and now almost 3 months.

Your questions

Is pulsed light safe for the skin?

Pulsed light has been used for more than 40 years, no study has ever shown a link between pulsed light and skin or cancer problems. However, it is necessary to differentiate the use of a device itself at home and the sessions in institute dispensed by trained professionals. I would not take the risk of using a single device at home without training. Before each session the institute checks if I have no contraindications, it follows my evolution and knows how to adjust the machine to optimize my sessions. If ever a reaction appears I know I have a professional who handles the device all day on different people to answer me.

Are there contraindications for moles?

I have a mole under the armpit (ahah that you did not know it was not the scoop of the article!) That is protected by the institute at every session. In one year I watched him he did not move, he never scratched or itched.

Does it work on blondes?

Well it depends on the level of blondness we say and the color of your skin, it takes a difference between the color of the skin and hair to make it effective. Too dark or too bright if the color of the hair looks too much to the skin this can become complicated. The best is to consult the institute to get the opinion of a pro.

Is this really definitive?

Hormonal dysregulation or pregnancy can cause the hairs to return. In any case a session of maintenance and it left again! For my part I always tell myself that even if I had to do a maintenance session a year I will always be super satisfied, a session against wax every 2-3 weeks I do not make you a drawing?

The price?

Rates vary between 300 and 1500 € according to the number of zones. With Depil and Young you get discount as soon as you sign up for 2 zones, the discount rises for 3 zones!


This is the flagship issue, the number one that everyone hopes the answer to be: even not bad! But not telling you not even badly would lie. And here we do not lie! So the first session is surprising because we do not know what pain to expect, the next sessions I was apprehensive and I moved before it even touched me. I would say that the pain depends on your level of fatigue, the period in which you are, before your periods you will always be more sensitive. The pain will also depend on shaving, if you have shaved the institute will have to iron a blow dry and your skin will be more sensitive (yes here we are super honest ^ ^).

About me I did the armpits, it tingled a little at the start but at the end of the 4th or 5th session I no longer felt anything. I was hoping it would be the same for the jersey. Grossier mistake my little girl! Sails that the jersey will never give you a gift! Finally on the 6th and 7th session the upper part will no longer be felt. By cons under there how to say that it always tickles even at the 7th session. This is normal it is the longest part to disappear.

Now to reassure you I must tell you that the pain goes away as fast as it has arrived. Imagine a stretch of elastic on the skin with a pain that does not stay. It’s really bearable. Hence also the interest of involving a professional: with pain when one has to do it to oneself one stops or stops oneself because one finds that unbearable. In institute they follow the protocol, do not stop in the middle (good if you scream with pain they will stop I suppose, but I really hard to believe that it can happen to tell the truth). For me pain is an “investment” towards tranquility, waxing is also not a part of pleasure and in addition it must be reiterated every month.

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If I had to do it again ?

I never hid that if Depil and Young had not contacted me to present me his activity and make me take advantage of a privilege offer I would surely not have taken the plunge this year. I had in mind, of course, like many of us, this desire to get rid of my hair definitely but I knew nothing about it. With Sabrina I was able to ask all my questions and questions. And above all I have seen results from the first session. About 50% of my hairs had already fallen! Today I am freeee hair! It is a certain peace of mind, more “is I shaved to go to the pool?” Or at the beach the glamor “And if it exceeded when I move?”. I know very well that we all think about the same thing because it’s been more than a year that I discuss this with you, more than a year that I hear all your questions and your fears and that one is told Our hair anecdotes, more than a year that I receive messages from the many people who have taken advantage of my experience to eradicate their own hair! It brings back one year of stories of hair I assure you! (We finish 2016 super close friends !! I do not know what this announcement for 2017 all that but in any case it promises !!).

In short if it was to redo I run rather twice than one. Today you are many to have taken the step, 6 of you took advantage of the offer Empty dressing last Saturday with 15% discount! Besides, do not hesitate to comment to bring your experience to those who still hesitate.

A new life without hair is offered to me, next step? The half legs of course!

Enjoy a 10% discount on my part.

Beautiful evening my little wolves with fringe (yeah the fringe is not passed to the final hair removal by cons ^^).

This advice engages me and my own experience, every person and every skin can react differently. Consult a professional to answer all your questions.

Depil and Young, 10 rue Pierre Semard, 26000 Valence – 09 82 54 29 08

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