Christmas is here

Only a few days before the holidays, still a few days to check that we thought of everything. Christmas is here. That gifts are all packaged and well labeled (who never had to play guessing to find out who was once all the gifts packed?). That everything we planned for dinner is fine in the fridge. Let the table decoration only wait for the guests. And the outfit. Yes the outfit. Did I buy several pairs of pantyhose in case they spin with even the guests arrive or when the little cousin of 3 years will climb on my knees? I often hear that the Christmas holidays are not really relaxing because we run everywhere, that we put a crazy pressure so that the evening happens better than in the cousin Odette last year or that the gift of Uncle Gerard likes it.


At home for a few years we decided to refocus on what Christmas is really: a moment of sharing and exchange. Gifts do not crowd by the thousands under the tree because we prefer to collect the moments together. Over the years, especially since there are no more toddlers, we realized that gifts had become a chore. We all have busy lives that do not leave us much time to disconnect, some even live abroad (I was talking about it here). Then the best gift we have to offer is to spend time together. I am lucky to have my grandparents, an exceptional grandmother and grandfather, who receive their children and grandchildren on Christmas Day. This moment has no price. No department store can offer it to us. The happiness of all gathering around a table. To hear my father my uncle and my aunt joked as if they were teenagers again. Laughing with my brother and sister of our childhood memories. Create new ones.


Christmas is above all surrounded by the people we love. Family or friends no matter. No matter how many gifts under the tree or the value of gifts. This is the only time in the year that is noted in everyone’s diary and where no one will be disturbed by a client or a boss not very happy. It’s a disconnected day for almost everyone (I know that some of you will have to work …: /). Enjoy it. Offer this gift.


This look would be perfect for Christmas. Class and elegant while staying comfortable. All that I love. The IRO pants have an incredible cut, a color that changes what we used to see and a perfect length, I love when you let the ankle unveil (yes even when it’s cold I resist ^^) . The top Annie Bing is of course super comfortable while being very festive and classy, powdered pink raises the outfit. To wear without bra if you can afford it offers very nice neckline. The Bel Air blazer finalizes the outfit, a classic and timeless.


This outfit comes out of the Norma Jean shop in Valence with whom we realized 3 looks under the goal of the talented Alison Bounce (I continue to present her but I really wonder if it is necessary.). I will tell you more about the shop by presenting you the next 2 looks in January (yes it will have to wait but promised it is worth it!) But let us say that the theme of the article and the shop have a link. There is still time to make a tour for your party clothes.


And what about your vision of Christmas?

Again thanks to Prisca from Norma Jean for her collaboration, to Alison to make such beautiful photos.

Pants: IRO – Top: Annie Bing – Blazer: Bel Air.

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange.







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