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Already 10 years.

10 years already. I’m not 30 years (but I’m prepared since my brother can’t stop remember me time is coming .. Have baby brothers I’m telling you !) however I feel like this year is even more important than my future 30th. My 18th celebrates their 10 years, 10 years since I got my driver licence, my first car, my graduation, my first tattoo, my first boyfriend, 10 years since I went to college. At that time I met some of my best friends now.

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With hindsight my life really changed on my 18th, I left my off beaten track high school (Ok I could say country high school but I don’t want to hurt anyone 😉 ) to study in Valence, I discovered car’s freedom: go where you want when you want, I discover college’s freedom, only for a year, I wasn’t really made for so much freedom so young. I have started thinking about my profesionnal orientation, yes I wait my A Level and for being in college to care about my futur. Well I cared before except partying and chilling with friends around the pool wasnt’ a job. That was the only thing I cared about.

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18 years, live was super easy, partying a lot, study a little, shop all day to find a nice outfit for the evening, drive with loud music, opened windows and hair on the air driving my 106 XS rouge (stand up the one who remember my 106 !). I wasn’t really interested about my future, I didn’t even imagine it. It took me a long time to project myself in the future. Finally as you can read it on the About of the blog I found something to study, I loved International Trade, a part of my blog’s name is coming for this time, I also lived oversea for my internship, I promised myself to live again oversea but that was 8 years ago so let’s wait my 30th to talk about it ;).

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Behind these beautiful pictures Guillaume from Creafilm07. We met in real life for the first time during the photoshoot, even if we have people in common (ok that’s pretty easy when you grew up in a 5 000 people town ^^) we never got a chance to meet before. It always a surprise when you shoot with someone new and I have to say I’m really happy, the pictures are really bright and natural as I like ! For him the job was a little bit harder he had to clean all the pictures where I’m talking ^^, can you at least be surprised please ahah.

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I can say my outfit is old. Yes I got these pants on my closet for at least 6 years ! I wore it 3 times. Paid 100€. Yep Astrid good deals ! Pay more to wear less .. No comment ! You already saw this blazer on my weedding outfit last June, I looked for a blazer like it for months and I wore it already … <drum rolls> twice !

Pants: Gat Rimon – Shirt: Vero Moda – Blazer: Cop Copine (not available) – Shoes: Not online – Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs – Bracelets: Marc by Marc Jacobs – Glasses: Cheap Monday – Necklace: Bijoux Ose

Have a nice evening guys.

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