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Summer I love U

For almost 15 days good weather arrives, summer is here, we can officially say that Summer 2016 is launched ! No more Stan Smith on my foot, no more clothes longer than my knee, I live legs with the air, sun burning my skin. I live on the ice cream store patio which tell me see you soon anymore but see you tomorrow. Everything is going so well !

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Last week I showed you one of my meeting on Snapchat, boxes and bags … Nothing really helpful to guess. It was about jewlerry ! Even better jewlerry made closed to my place ! Even better gain ? I already wore this brand and I love it ! Just a little preview with this necklace. The collection should be on their website this week but I couldn’t keep me for it until then. I will explain you everything as soon as the collection is online, be careful with your credit card it’s really awesome !

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So this outfit mixes clothes you already saw, those shorts are incredible I love it so much ! High waisted, large it matches perfectly with high heels or flats, simple shorts easy to wear but making the difference ! That all we want right ? Unfortunelty it’s coming from a second hand store in Toronto as the jeans shirt. Let’s talk about my shoes from Les Petites Bombes, I see it everywhere around me I feel like they have a collection without 8000 different pairs of shoes (Ok I always exagerate but you got the idea ^^) For less than 30€ you have a good pair and trendy, what’s else ?

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Just to finish this morning I was on the Spahis Race as I told you on Facebook, how to explain that tonight I will not be watching Euro even if France is playing, my arms need to rest in my bed. I will show you everything during the week !

Shorts: vintage – Jeans shirt: vintage (similaire ici) – Shirt: Jennyfer (now 5€) – Necklace: Bijoux Ose – Watch: Louis Pion – Shoes: LPB Woman (on sale, 6 different colors)

Have a good evening <3

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Pictures: thanks Sandra, my cousin <3

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