Street Style #1: Toronto

I just came back from 2 weeks road trip in U.S. I’m tired but so happy ! My dreams are coming true once again ! I will need some time to organize more than 2000 pictures and share with you my feedbacks. So during this time I’m happy to show you a project I was working on before I went on vacation with Alek Artistry (yes the one who take theses amazing pictures of me !)

Torontian since few months now, both of us felt in love with the city. If we just have to use a word to describe Toronto it will be: multiculturality. We love experiencing different cultures, always being at one block to discover something new.

With 50% of the population born out of Canada Toronto has such a beautiful mix of culture. And fashion isn’t an exception.

So when a makeup artist/ fashion photograph and a lifestyle blogger both passionate on fashion pool their idea together something pretty cool comes out !

We walked down the street en the first weekend of June in our 2 favorites areas: Queen Street West and Kensington Market to look for people who represent Toronto’s richness trough their outfits.

Because fashion is not just a trivial activity it’s a way to express yourself, to expose your taste and to simply enjoy life.

Camera around Alek Artistry’s neck our radar is on … Let’s go !

Big surprise: 90% of the people we stopped are actually from Toronto. We have to look in their past to find the diversity: these young people were born here yes but they grew up with their parents’s culture from other countries. Toronto is able to have 150 languages and just as much different cultures living together and keep the best of everyone.

Because everyone respect and appreciate others one differences. It’s why Toronto is now one of the best place to live in the world.

I’m pleased to show you this serie of pictures to be you too for a moment in the street of Toronto.

Thanks again to all of you who accept to take picture with us. We were lucky to meet people with really different background and history !

I hope to see you again !

Toronto is definitely a mix city !

Did you already have this feeling in other cities ?


Khadija. 21 years. Toronto
Jennifer. 25 years. Toronto.
Daniel. 21 years. Peruvian/Ottawa | Leeyah. 20 years. Morrocan/ Calgary
Yan. 17 years. China/Toronto.
Nathalie. 27 years. Belgium/Rwanda/ Toronto
Patrick Morrison Instagram: @kensington_mba
Shantae. 18 years. Instagram: @mykiiiingdom


Eric. James. Rahul. 23 years. Toronto.
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