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My little black dress

October 15, 2017

This little black dress you liked a lot when I shared it on Instagram, I can only understand. When the Californian brand Toby proposed to me to choose several models of dresses I immediately cracked on this one. Love can not be explained, you know.


The love of dresses is a bit of a solution of ease, summer and winter they can be self-sufficient. If they are too simple or it is a little cold we add a jacket. A pair of heels by night, a pair of flat shoes by day. This is the multi-track outfit. There are so many different materials and shapes that one could fill the dressing room without tiring. Added to that is my passion for XXL tee-shirts to make dresses. Fashion is an endless game we agree.


For the blow I played it simple and I left the charm of the dress operated. I have a pretty pair of black pumps. The strong piece of the outfit being the dress one plays sober that accessories and shoes. We do not want to look like a Christmas tree (it’s not the season yet) or the girl who wants to take out all the cool stuff from her wardrobe the same day. We keep it for another day ^^.

If the dress you liked you can find it here, small tip by signing up on the newsletter you are entitled to 50% on your first order. No I do not incite you to buy anything. Not at all.

Love love mes petits loups à frange.


Read again my post about my first Tobi dress.








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