Be Happy Baby


After a rainy summer we enjoy a fall that could almost make us believe in a late summer, it’s incredible and it puts me in an Olympic form. I sing in the street (the sidewalk is my scene), I listen to music really loud (with headphones .. should not everyone realize that I listen to the Spice Girls), I smile at people that I meet in the street (we often hear that Canada is the world of Care Bears you better understand why?), I do Instastories in front of the sun where you can not see anything (my phone is quickly dazzled by the sun bichette). In short I fully live these few weeks of reprieve before the arrival of winter.


In exactly 18 days I will fly for a few days away from Toronto, to a destination that I will reveal to you on the D day or a few days before if I’m nice. The closer we get to the fateful date, the more clues I will give you. I am preparing everything to fully enjoy this first trip out of the country since I moved back to Toronto (Ok I went to New York City since my return but it was a week after my return we can not really say that I was reinstalled, I lived in my suitcase .. ^^) so I’m excited power 10,000, I check my calendar 3 times a day at work knowing how many days it stays (sometimes one day hides another, we are never too careful my little lady!). In short you will understand I’m overflowing with good mood and positive energy.


In addition as if all that was not enough I’m reading a book that I highly recommend: The Answer Allan & Barbara Pease. I discovered it thanks to Joëlle my girlfriend of the blog Elle dit 8 who sent it to me after having read it and to have recognized me in the words of the couple Pease. In a few words it is a book that will give you the keys to succeed your projects and achieve your goals. If you’re waiting for a kick in the buttocks to move forward, if you need to organize a little bit of all your ideas to see clearly this book is for you! I already use a lot of the techniques they talk about and I agree with most of the points they mention. I shared a few pages on Instagram when I really fall on very important passages but if I listen to myself I will share you every page (and I will lose you .. bored of reading a book per screen interposed!). Take the bull by the horns and go to your bookseller you get it. We talk about it again when I finish it. The more time passes and the more I am interested in personal development, I worked a lot on myself, alone or with advice, and I love to see how we can educate our brains.


Speaking of educating his brain I educated mine to believe it was not 35 degrees during this photo shoot. Determined as always I’m lucky to have my girlfriend Caro always ready even during the heat wave (yes the heat wave is 35 degrees here! Even before I think …). We go astray, focus on this dress of love. After the little black dress and the braided backless dress of the brand Tobi I had chosen a long dress, I’m not used to wear it so it was an opportunity. I love the games of transparency and this dress offers a style that we see rarely. I broke the strict and classic side of the black by a shiny pink perfecto and my Jeffrey Campbell shoes. A side a little more rock and trend. Pretty easy to reproduce. You like ?


If you want the same dress and you are both twins and as cool as you can follow this link and fall on the dress! (Internet magic when you hold us). It is also available in purple elsewhere!

On this note we end this beautiful collaboration with Tobi, a beautiful Californian brand to discover that you are in France or Canada.

By the way, I shared a short video of our canoe trip in the Toronto Islands this summer! You can see her here.

Thank you Caro who shot the 3 outfits for the partnership with Tobi ♥ Thank you to the brand for this nice offer.

Love love mes petits loups à frange.








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