#Inspiration: Glasses.

People around me can confirm that I’m in love with glasses. If I could I will buy a new pair every month but my walet and my assurance are not really agree, so I’m taking my time to choice my new pair every year, I start looking at it few weeks before to be sure I’m taking THE one. At this moment I know what you think: OMG good luck to you when you will buy a house, you will need 10 years to decide. Good for you you start knowing me better.

Preparing this selection I realized that big glasses are queens in my world. I don’t even count how many jokes I heard about the 3 paires I already have, it’s a piece of me and I wanna be honest with you .. I fall asleep really often with my glasses on .. I told you my glasses and I it’s a real love story !

I already tried twice the number 4 .. And an other one which looks like a lot like the one my grand father has. (83 years old and still so trendy) but I can’t find it online (As soon as I will try it I will snapchat it = momoiselle). As you can see metal is back and offers us really cute and vintage pairs! I’m really into this style this time! Peeled style still one of my favourite, you can have it in different colors: grey, brown … and it’s always chic! The good side to have couple paires you can play and dare more options!


1- Marc Jacbos 2- L’usine à lunettes 3- Marc Jacobs 4- Porsche Design 5- Tom Ford 6-Marc Jacobs 7- Henri Jullien 8- L’usine à lunettes 9- L’usine à lunettes 10- L’usine à lunettes 11- Giorgio Armani

Glasses are not chore anymore, it’s a fashion accessory as jewllery or purses. Bye bye ugly glasses, hello trendy ones! You can even see people wearing it just because it’s beautiful ! So don’t be shy: go and wear glasses, choice it as you will choice shoes.  Don’t be a victim, be glasses addict.

What about your glasses?

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The website’s links are here to help you find the references, I don’t have any contracts with these companies. I prefer to try before to buy but if you want to buy it online I will recommend  Iloveyourglasses.com I tried couple time for sunglasses.

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