I’m in love with Social Medias

Ok I’m agree maybe my title is a little strong.. but I tried to find something else and I couldn’t, that one was the better one. But it’s kind of true: since the beginning of socia medias I’m attracted by this virtual world, this space where infinity is unlimited. I was addicted to MSN in it successful years (and the very long statuts and colorful), I opened a MySpace (but I never really understand how it works .. and how it was useful), in 2007 I was part of the weird people signing on a new concept called Facebook .. This year we had our intership overseas, a good way to keep in touch and talk about our adventures, back on the years Facebook was so different, schools didn’t blocked the access yet, we were able to post on our classmates’ walls during IT classes. I remember how many people told me: me on Facebook? Never ! As we said there are only fools who don’t change their minds.

Instagram arrived in my life, Snapchat (momoiselle), Twitter later, I’m not used to this social media, I don’t feel attracted like for the other ones.

I was always ultra connected, a little bit nerd in high heels. And the blog happened, I moved to Toronto.  An other one to be connected, an other way to use the social medias with a new goal. I wasn’t just connected for pleasure but also to keep in touch with family and friends about my new canadian life. Facebook took a huge space in my Canadian moving, I met girls from Apérochic and the wonderful experience we know, I met Alek Artistry who posted on Facebook to find models and became one of my bestfriend now.


I know a lot of people think that social medias is wasting your time, it cuts you from reality to leave you in a pink and beautiful world but I just want you to realize what you can win if you use it right.

I met incredible persons thanks to social medias and my blog, information is going faster and better, you can find people by interests, areas. I repeat it often in my real life, not often here, that I’m really lucky to meet all of you, to colaborate with talented people, to share things I love, to learn from other, to open myself in a world I love. Because after my laptop I have lunches, hot chocolates, real human relations, something really important for me since I love meeting people!

If today I’m able to run 10K it’s thank to Anne Dubndidu’s advices to start running, I met her community, with social medias I was supported by total strangers from around the world without meeting them. You run alone but you are never alone, you have an entire community and you feel like you can’t disappoint it.

It’s this notion of sharing that I love in social medias, it’s why last week I launched my own running community for girl in Valence area: the #BeFringFit Crew. I had the name on my luggages when I came back from Canada, it’s coming from Floriane’s mind from Talons Aiguilles et Running Shoes, you have to know her (she was successful with the TBC). Before a blogger she is an amazing communicative person ! And guess what? I met her on Instagram .. Same city, mutual friends, our ways never came accross before. Are you still not convainced about social medias benefits ?

So with Floriane’s help for the name and Lisa’s help for details I’m so proud to introduce you to the #BeFringFit Crew : a running team with smile and energy which meet in Valence and around to run with fun ! Already 3 dates in a week, so proud of my girls !

befringfitcrewWe run without pretentions, some of us are confirmed, others are begginers, it’s like Macdo: come as you want 😉 we are the proof that social medias creates social link 😉

Interested ? Met us on Facebook to know the next run, for more safety our group is private but we accept everybody is motived !

What’s about your relation with social medias?

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