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Last year at this time of year I was going to test Canadian snow. Yes early November it was snowing while this year in France at the end of October I only wore a jacket very rarely. Apart from a few cold days the weather remains very mild and avoids us hiding our pretty outfits behind big coats. Today let’s take about being happier.

Last year it was also when I started my work in a large American computer company, I also attended my first Fashion Week, and then I met Cécile. Cécile is a small French woman expatriate in Toronto like me. She is looking for a guinea pig for her coaching training. As always (by force of you know) I like to try new experiences and I respond to his Facebook call. Honestly I go without waiting, I do not know at all what constitutes a first appointment with a coach, besides what is a coach? In the case of Cécile it is a person who will help you in your personal development to improve your professional life and especially that goes with you pushing the levers towards a greater personal fulfillment. And to succeed this mission she launched with Boost in Progress her company!

I grant it to you like that I feel a little like trying to sell you the last steamer on the teleshopping. But let me just tell you how a young person I did not know a year ago to change my life.

The first question that Cécile asked me: “What are your qualities?”, “After the 2-3 answers boats and classics I hear him say: you know Cécile I do not have many qualities in fact”. She said to me: Of course if you have more, you do not see them or more but I’m here for that. “

After our first appointment we decide an appointment every 15 days to start. It is a serious step, not something taken lightly. If you wait for the result you have to invest. I even have work at home I have to do list everything I can highlight on my person in interview. Do the exercise yourself, it is far from obvious! So yes I am rather very comfortable in general, it is so natural for me that I do not consider this as a plus to be put forward. And this is where things begin to take their senses: to better sell me I have to know myself better and therefore be aware that all things that seem normal and innate are not made for everyone.

Over time the list of qualities grows, we realize that our personal and professional experiences have changed us, improved us, taught us. About me, after spending three years with the same company, head in the handlebar, my first real professional experience, I needed to realize the impact that this period had had on me. Because we will never be the person we were yesterday but we also need to realize who we are today.

To the list of qualities will be added our points of improvement, our interests, our values, and so on, Cécile guided me towards a complete analysis of my person. After months of work we painted together a painting in my image. Attention this image is constantly changing, nothing is frozen. But it’s a strange feeling to realize that we have so much to offer, that we took things for normal while they were extraordinary and that we may have missed many things for lack of Knowledge of oneself.

Self-knowledge seems obvious but it takes time, analysis, self-criticism, help and a certain maturity to accept that one can not be good everywhere, that yes one can carton in a field And be a marble in another. Cécile is this help we need, she has objective eyes, she is not afraid to scratch where it hurts, she will sometimes push you into your entrenchments, sometimes make you think about having a headache (c ‘ But it will also help you to pass a step, to express dreams that you dare not tell anyone, to envisage projects that have slept in you for years, it will also see in you what You do not even perceive.

It was during the first year of the blog too, she believed in me, she became interested, and I think that unconsciously all our conversations encouraged me to express myself through this space that I adore and to Take as much fun!

The perception and importance of work in northern America is different from how we see things. This is why coaching is more developed than in France. I would say that in France we will find this kind of process rather for a category of people in vocational retraining after years of experience, while not there is no need to wait to realize what we really want to do Or be.

At 27, with my French culture, my experiences, my expatriation I am delighted to have met Cécile on my way and to have taken the time to know what I wanted and who I was, to have learned to choose My priorities, to have passed the blocking barrier, from the fear of trying a new career.

If you feel lost in your career orientation, you do not feel in your place or you need to find a strategy for your future I fully recommend coaching, in the case of Boost in Progress it offers a complete follow-up Customized:

  • PROJECT: clarify career choices, define projects that match you and make sense for you,
  • PERSONAL / PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Boost professional life, activate potential and leadership skills in projects,
  • EMPLOYMENT RESEARCH: Become an actor in his research and use effective and boosting methods.
    She is also organizing her first free workshop in Toronto on Monday, November 2 from 6:15 pm to 9:00 pm at Maman, 100 King Street West, Toronto; With the theme: “Developing its network approach”! (Registration is here)

 To know more:

Boost In Progress Le BlogLe Facebook

 Tell me about it !

As for my outfit, it is the trousers and one of the shirts bought at the vacuum dressing organized at the Oasis in Valence a dozen days ago! They will organize another in January, follow my Facebook page I will share the info in due time! I was so glad to find a khaki jacket after mine decided to make the soul …! And the pants .. how to explain it is a killing: more comfortable you die! So I’m looking for others in this style there!

Autumn colors despite the 18 degrees, I even let myself be tempted by a hat last week, great first for me: after admiring it on the crossed heads in the street or on the net I finally step. Balance at the end of winter know if I will keep it!

And to finish small boots bought a misery on Showroomprive!

Veste kaki Zara (old co)

Pantalon H&M (old co)

Boots Buffalo (collection A/W 2015/2016)

Chapeau Pimkie (collection A/W 2015/2016)

Manchette argent Lacoste

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