christian dior lunettes de soleil

I can fly


A few days ago I posted one of the photos of this look with a legend full of hope on Instagram. I told you that it is a struggle every day to know who we are, who we want to be. Whenever I feel I have reached a step that seemed to me inaccessible until now, I find myself already in the process of mounting the next one. And even if it’s cheesy I know that at this precise moment thanks to my title everyone hears “I believe I can fly” in his head. And if you do not get there always YouTube.

I can fly

At a small month of my birthday (yes I place it again sometime you forgot that it was soon my birthday ^^) I look back, I look at my 20 years (hi you all there in the distance!) And I say to myself: my god but who could have imagined the changes that life was going to reserve for me. It is also the magic of life, it sometimes pushes us into areas completely uncomfortable at first but which in time become positive and a habit. It is for this same reason that we must not be afraid to dream. To dream big. Take the time to fulfill his dreams and leave them a chance. We do not support you in a situation because you do not think you can get out of it or deserve better. Time will pass anyway.

christian dior lunettes de soleil

With the head in the handlebars as they say (roooh my rotten expressions you missed I know it) we hardly see where we started. So tonight take a moment after reading this article to remind yourself of the progress you have made. Remember that your goals seem so far away some time ago and today these things you do them naturally, without even thinking. Place your new goals, write them down somewhere, give yourself time. Repeat.

I can fly doudoune

About the look we sort out what we usually see on the blog. For a while I wanted to marry the opposite as I had been able to do on this look last year. An Adidas leggings with Zara boots. It’s quite offbeat but I like it. Then if the heels bother us we put a pair of Stan Smith to go faster;)

The down jacket the unavoidable one dreads to leave because, we are not going to lie to us, it does not really flatter the silhouette on the other hand we have not yet invented anything so comfortable! And by these temperatures one seeks comfort and warmth one agrees!

The hat also, I have long rejected, let’s say that with a fringe is not the ideal, when leaving the cap the fringe is either distributed disgracefully on both sides, either completely straight or still completely flattened. Not really what I expect from my bangs if you see what I mean. But recently we are tamed and we no longer only do when I have not had time to wash my hair and I want to hide misery (yes let’s be honest again, no fuss between us! ).

legging adidas

To finish remember that you are fabulous and fabulous, that you have tons of things to offer, that you have qualities that others do not have and that you should put them forward. Trust yourself. Do you like to. (And there I look like a guru ^^)

You hat? The down jacket? You like ?

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange.

 Photos: Thanks Brice.

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Bonnet: Eleven Paris – Lunettes: Christian Dior – Doudoune: Guess – Pull: SheIn – Chemise: Pimkie – Legging: Adidas – Chaussures: Zara – Echarpe: Zara

doudoune hiver 2017

bonnet hiver 2017

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bonnet eleven paris

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