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My ideal weekend in Valence

Third episode of our Valence’ series. After having offered you a city guide of the city last week I offer you my ideal weekend in Valencia! Warning this is just an example. Follow the guide!

valence ville drôme

Friday night

Let’s start our weekend by meeting at the café Victor Hugo. Just before sunset, order a homemade iced tea. Admire the sun that bows out between the palms of the Place Aristide Briand and the Peynet Kiosk. And remember, you’re on weekends, smile. For lunch ? A short tour to Sassoun to immediately immerse yourself in Armenian culture. More restaurant ideas here.

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Saturday morning

The appointment is given place des Clercs for the traditional market on Saturday morning. You may even come across the mayor Nicolas Daragon who is stocking up on good products. Buy small cheeses of goats and olives then sit back in one of the bars around to enjoy an aperitif terrace. On Saturday morning it is quiet that we put ourselves in the mood. Remember to plan your sunglasses even if you come in winter.

Saturday afternoon

The market is over, the place finds its restaurant tables, it is also the time for us to go for a walk. Allow 1 to 2 hours of walk along the Canals of the city. The departure is done behind the station Valence Ville, the plan is available here. The Tourism Office even organized guided tours in the summer, I participated last summer I loved to learn more about the history of the canals. Then following the season go for a hot chocolate or a smoothie at the Alix Coffee in front of the station of Valencia City. I’m a regular visitor.

Saturday night

If you are there for the weekend and want to indulge yourself, do not forget that you are in the city that saw the PIC family grow up, go to the PIC restaurant or to André’s little brother more accessible level budget; ).

You can walk to the city center and enjoy a short stroll. On the way back go through the Champ de Mars, the Peynet Kiosk and go up the boulevards. In winter, the town has its beautiful decoration coat, you can even enjoy a tour of the Ferris wheel and a view of the Ardèche and the Vercors.

weekend france sud

Sunday morning

A running session to see the landscape and discover a little more the city, find my favorite places to run in the article “Where to run in Valence“. I love Sunday morning when the streets are empty, the air is cool, the music echoes in my ears. It’s definitely my favorite time to run.

Now that the appetite is open, we must feed ourselves. If it’s the first Sunday of the month I recommend the brunch at the Daily Pic (to be booked in advance). You can take take-out and find a quiet corner in the Jouvet Park to enjoy the time. The meal may end with a nice nap.

Sunday afternoon

No more nap, we open our eyes again, we recover our spirits and we cross to the museum of Valencia in front. I love the museum but what I like even more is the view of the two terraces. One of the highest views of Valencia accessible to the public. You can even have a drink in the inner garden of the museum. Allow 2-3 hours. After leaving the museum head towards the west side of the cathedral, in the distance you will see the Ardèche and the castle of Crussol. This is the time to take the camera out.

manège valence france

It’s a cool weekend, without pressure, a foretaste that should make you want to come back!

So when are you coming?

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