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Twenty Five Days before Departure

Vingt cinq jours. Twenty-five days. Before departure. That’s all I have left on French soil. I need it to write to you because in fact I do not realize at all, but then really not! All the people I meet tell me about the “approaching” departure and I answer with my air perched: We are laaaaaaaaarge. Well this afternoon I realized we were not that wide!

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Instead of shouting panic I usually answer with a smile: you know me I live in the present, I take advantage of what I have here before I project there! – Face half convinced

The truth is that I have the information of my departure for a moment in the pocket and that I do not realize that after months of waiting it’s almost there already. I had made a list of everything I wanted to do before I left and I still have things to check. I did not visit the Colorado Provençal or the ideal Palace of the Horse Factor. You’re talking about a story.

blog toronto french

It also becomes very difficult to manage the schedule between things to do, things you want to do and things you have to do. I also try to live in anticipation by preparing February on the blog but also professionally, while starting to look for a place over there still not knowing if my life will return in my suitcase OR NOT. There is also my goodbye party/ birthday party that I want perfect and our stay in NYC to prepare. You’ll understand it’s a bit of a party at home in my head right now. Goodbye series will not be long to start and there will be sure it will finish me. I do not already say goodbye to the base so when I’m so far from ready it’s worse! If you too are on the start and not at all ready clap in your hands! Can’t believe we only have twenty five days left before departure.

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But as usual I turn it in a very positive way by telling myself that whatever happens I will be all right! Everything always goes well. I am very excited to introduce you to Toronto, on my return you were less than 1000 to visit me on the blog every month, today you are more than 5000! We will therefore make a nice group visit !! I will try to answer all your questions about Canada, expatriation, Work Holiday Visa and anything that interests you. We are going to live a crazy new adventure together guys!

departure twenty five days

I will also give you a confidence … I very very very … very eager to be able to shop! Yes because I’m tired of this dressing that does not live, it is frozen and I have to show a lot of imagination to vary the looks. So I’ll have fun once settled in Toronto and the looks will rain on the blog ^^!

Today is the last look in collaboration with the Valence shop Norma Jean (review the first look here and the second there), a sweater as nice as comfortable associated with a skirt that will make dream any girl looking for a little volume at the level of the bottom (this is clearly not my case I am pretty well provided at this level ^ ^). The material offers a very nice size that reveals a nice shape on the lower body. The material does not move, no matter whether you have buttocks or not the skirt will give the illusion!

Associated with my timeless pair of internationalist from Nike I break the perfect girl side of the outfit.

nike internationalist

Go vingt cinq jours and we’re there! I’m preparing you a nice post to read while I’m on the plane.

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange,

And thank you for your little words since the announcement, you are adorable.

Photo: Alison Bounce

Shop this outfit:

departure twenty five days


departure twenty five days

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