Bye Bye France


I have been thinking about this post for weeks and for weeks I wonder how I will be able to start it. Joking ? Crying ? Finally I write it Monday night, 11:33 pm, in less than half an hour it’s my birthday, tiring is beginning to win me, I have a suitcase to finish (start?) I have to choose 23kg of my life to put in my suitcase. As much to say that it is a bit complicated!

Bye bye France is the title, for once the article is published in the middle of the day .. No mistake just want to publish an article while I am in the sky flying over France (Well if my plane is late thank you to read this article later ^^).


D-day has finally arrived, months I am preparing for it and yet still a few days before I completely hang and I do not realize, it’s crazy enough as a sensation. I block my little heart against the sadness that wins me when I think I’m really leaving. In fact I avoid thinking about it and I saw the present moment at 2000%. I avoid the words start and goodbye to the maximum. Good Alison did not help repeating me today loop: but I do not realize that you leave in 2 days! Well my girlfriend is 2!


The idea of ​​this article is also to thank you, you behind your computer, phone, tablet, you who come more and more to read me, to give me a cuckoo in the comments, you who send me snap of things that You have discovered through my publications, you but also sometimes your children who send me snap by mistake, you who for 2 months and the announcement of my departure have been perfect, support without flaw, always a small word nice. You will meet me at random at the corner of a street, which I meet in the gym, during events, you I often meet and who have become buddies / girlfriends since (yes yes there are also guys right here!). It’s amazing the love you can send me and how much that has taken an immense place in my life. When I left Toronto I had been asked about the future of the blog, at that time in Valence the blogs were not very well known, I took the bet to keep it even when returning to France because I m And that I wanted to share my home. Surely one of the best decisions of my life, without that decision there would not be you, there would not be us. Today I am asked about the life of the blog after my departure. Reassure yourself that our story will continue, looks will continue, visits also, recipes and my articles moods, the novelty is the arrival of more articles of excerpts of lives of expatriates in order to share the life of you A Frenchman in Canada. And promised I will continue to sing and dance on Snapchat 😉


The other thank you will be for my partners, I have had the chance to collaborate with incredible and talented people. Thanks to the tourist office of the Gorges de l’Ardèche which was the first organization to trust me thanks to the beautiful article that Emilie Coudrais of the agency of Dauphiné Libéré Privas had dedicated to me on my return. Then, with a first collaborative photo, Aurélie Mey, a talented designer of a wedding dress in the Drôme, met Sabrina from the Depil & Young institute, which not only permanently got rid of my hair, but also allowed to organize the wardrobe sale last December in its premises, beautiful projects in a year and a half! The meeting with the girls of Valence Tourisme was also an important stage of its 20 months in France! Finally to finish another collaboration of which I am extremely proud you suspect … The one with Franck Giraud the best hairdresser in Valence. The real story behind all this is that we have known each other since our 16 years without ever having been super mates. I knew that he was opening his salon in Valence, I pushed his door to congratulate him. We knew each other better, he was pleasantly surprised. 18 months later you only have to see my hair to understand that it is a relationship that rolls! The hairdresser who made me loved the hairdresser. He deserves a medal. I tried to negotiate to hide it in my suitcase but you are too many to have adopted it now .. you will never let me take it away 😉


Thanks to you, thanks to the blog I found my place, I found the place where I can have fun, to be myself, to share, to exchange, to grow with you. This is an incredible chance and I am well aware of that, I appreciate every day, I appreciate every happiness even the simplest. Every day I am grateful to be where I am. I am grateful to all the trials of life that have built the girl I am today. I am grateful for every no I have been given, every yes, every smile, every laugh. I am grateful to go to live a new adventure of madness. I am grateful to you to embark with me because the trip is great but it is even better when it is to share.

I hope you have all your passports on take off soon;)

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange.

Love love love love et encore plus.

Small reminder:

Paris Toronto: 8:25 flight, so I arrive at 8pm French time. There is a 6h différence between France and Toronto.

Photos: Alison Bounce the one.

bye bye france

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