The last one

Big big crush for this series of photos. It is a friend of my sister with whom I hoped to shoot for a moment that is at the origin of these clichés. Very talented and very funny this last French session was a real pleasure. This is actually the last one in France! Sniiiiif!

This last look is a wink to what I am but especially where I come from and where I go. We had made appointments on the site of the old foundries of La Voulte sur Rhône, the village of 5000 souls that saw me grow, the color of the stone offers a lot of possibilities photo level, we had fun. A few meters from these ruins was the scene of the school festival, I remember a year when I played the Earth in the solar system (the one who does not give a hand .. ^^). It is often said that one should not look back, always go ahead. But I like to take 5 minutes to remind myself of where I come from, the path I have traveled, the obstacles I have overcome, the encounters that have led me to be here now.


The other wink is my tee shirt that screams HOME IS TORONTO. Like to say that I can be Ardèche, Valentinoise, Canadian for love and especially citizen of the world. That it is all these facets that make today that I feel good everywhere. That I do not have labels and you do not have to have any.


It is important the different stages. It marks you, it reminds you of order, it influences you but it should not define you. I tattooed the milestones of my life in my skin. Line was able to display them discreetly, with the fragility they represent, the intensity too. I like the idea of displaying them for this last look in France. It was really a very nice last French session.


I am back in Toronto, I take my brands gently before leaving for the United States on Tuesday. I’ll tell you all about it on my return to Toronto on March 9!

Belle soirée mes petits loups à Frange.

Line, Mille mercis pour tout <3










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