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#BeFringFit Crew: Yoga initiation

Since last October I’m an yoga addict (I told you about it few months after my first classes), once a week I know I have an hour focus on myself, disconnected from the world and I have to say that sometimes it could be a little bit stressful 😉  So naturally I wanted to introduce the girls from #BeFringFit Crew to yoga and overall break the old image we have about it.

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With Marlène’s help we organized a session, and what session ! 35 yogis took place in the Parc Jouvet, downtown Valence, and tried the unknown activity for most of them (we also had 2 guys from our regular class 😉 ).

Based on the general opinion girls were pretty surprises and didn’t expect to work so hard. During the class I heard “That’s so fast” when we chained postures, other “it’s nothing I ever imagine” at the end of the class. Some of them already booked to join us next Thursday. A freedom feeling flew around the park, we felt good even if many people stopped to ask our photographer (thanks bro 😉 ) about yoga. It was also so nice to observe small girls trying to do the same as us. No minimum age to be curious 😉

yoga parc jouvet valence

I’m really happy that I was able to contribuate, at my level, to democratize yoga and overall change the unfair image attribuate to yoga: no yoga is not only for old person, no yoga is not about lie down during an hour to rest. Yoga is about realign yourself, about feel in line with your body and your mind, there is so many benefits that’s impossible to write it all 😉 Different kind of yoga exist as I already explain. The one I practice is very dynamic. For example this video I already shared on Facebook, of course we don’t have the same level but still the same practice.

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It was also a good way to spend our vacation day and enjoy a perfect weather to focus on yourself, take the time for once, let someone else guide you. And as I heard “don’t think during an hour”. Girls were impressed about yoga power which totally disconnected them from daily life, which gave them the chance to get out of their problems from an hour. They finally understood why I love so much yoga, and they will do it again soon 😉

Do you want to join us ? Thursday, 6.00pm in Valence, Parc Jouvet if the weather is good. Contact Marlène par mail marlene.bayle(@) / Follow her on Instagram: @marlenebayle.

For me it was such a pleasure to share my passion with the girls, to have their feedbacks and realize that some of them had a crush for yoga but also for Marlène. It was also my first outside class and I loved it !

Thanks all for being there. And a huge thanks to Marlène for all her positives vibes she always shares with you and all her passion.


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yoga valence

yoga valence

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