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Back to the 80’s

At the core this blog was not intended to become a fashion blog. Two years after the tone has changed, I like the idea of mixing advice of all kinds, traveling but also sharing my looks. Only sometimes it is a little bit the headache in front of the dressing room. Then sometimes I want to change, to wear things I would not have imagined loving. Surprise me. And surprise you too. Recently I was asked to define my style and I blocked .. I do not know at all what “tag” to put me. This falls rather well since I do not like labels so much. I am as comfortable in my Stan Smith as on heels of 14cm, as comfortable in a jeans as with a tutu.

blog mode 80's

So for this look I wanted a thing shifted, something I do not usually wear. I love this shorts found in friperie in Toronto, I can wear it under a tee-shirt, with hems or not, but the version “I assume the high waist” is a little more difficult. She reminds us all the 80’s, she also reminds us of the photos that our parents showed us of them younger and where they said to each other: that me never! I remember my teenage and low-waisted jeans: to be trendy we had to have our movements limited by jeans that barely held on our hips and that we take the risk of showing our underwear / buttocks every time That something was being picked up on the floor (and here my mother must laugh at her who made fun of this fashion low waist;). Over time, ultra-low-sized jeans have been replaced, not very practical, very selective, they did not put all the morphologies to their advantage, and finally we went back to jeans with a more classic size.

80's blog modeBut today with the return of strong mom’s jeans (understand the high waist jeans of our moms) we made a good in the 80’s and our moms laugh well. I think that since I was a teenager I heard a million times my mother or my grandmother telling me that I too was wearing it when I was young. Fashion is an eternal repeat, we give a new name more cool, we keep the same concept and it left again for a few seasons!

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The high waist jeans is a little bit the best friend of everyone: the finest will gain a little thickness and the roundest will be able to highlight their shapes! The little extra: no need to run the big brands you will find in all thrift shops! Your wallet to thank and your piece will age naturally and not by chemicals 😉

back to the 80's

I played the 80’s card thoroughly with a printed T-shirt too big for me to which I tied a knot! Still something our moms did not like, it stretches the tee-shirts, but we loved to make younger! This t-shirt also has a story, and I confess that I would never have thought of wearing it one day either. When we arrived in Los Angeles on our road trip last year at 7am, people handed out these tee-shirts from the city’s sneaker team to promote an event that took place during the day. Nothing gets lost ^^

80's fringinto

Me who loves to hunt and find clothes with a few characters, far from what you cross at every corner I’m served!

And you when you are told 80s you think about which fashion? Tell me everything !

I put an empty dressing up on my Facebook page, I finally sort it out in my closets this weekend and believe me it was not luxury! Go for a ride there are cool and cheap stuff;)

Belle soirée les petits loups.

Shoes: Stan Smith – Short: Lee (vintage) – Shirt: Clippers Los Angeles – Watch: Casio vintage

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Photo: Merci Jaja <3

Update from 09.08.16:

Thank you for your super returns following the publication of this look !! Really too much love! So I decided to offer you a selection since this exact look is not found. For the short I would strongly advise you to make the sales / vintage store deposits.

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80's clippers los angeles

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clippers los angeles

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