french kiss

French kiss


We do not laugh. You promise? I found this T-shirt never worn in my business. Ok you can laugh. I remember receiving it in the autumn (yes yes he spent the first 8 months of his life in a bag) and it seemed so badly cut that I had abandoned it. Then by preparing the wardrobe sale (available on my Facebook page) I found it! I gave him a second chance. Was it worth it?

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A French kiss, French Kiss, one of the most heard expressions when you travel, with “Voulez vous coucher avec moi ?” of course. It’s really funny the image the strangers have of us, I never felt the rude and dirty side that many report. Whether during my internship in England (Ok I was 20 years old it goes up guys) or in Canada I have heard more about cooking and fashion. I remember a conversation where Canadian people assured us that even French to get out our garbage we were on our 31. It’s really funny the perception of things.


I love to associate a white tee-shirt with jeans. Simple and efficient. A watch. A pair of compensated and the trick is played. That jeans .. I was only out of my house to go to the bank. I closed my eyes and a minute later I was at Zara’s. How? Why ? The manager told me that all roads lead to Zara. This is the only explanation I have but I continue to conduct my investigation ^^ Good once I was on the spot I took the opportunity to buy in extremis this pants at 12.99 € instead of 40 €. I did not make the balances apart from 2-3 tricks but I did not pretend level discount;) Thank you Zara!

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I have lots of things to say and show you but my vacation week went very quickly! Tomorrow back to work, after a weekend of fifouuuu (well I suppose because I’m not yet gone, for me it is Friday;)), I prepare you all this very quickly.

Belle soirée les petits loups.

Shirt: Wooop – Jeans: Zara – Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs – Shoes: Aldo Shoes.

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Photo: Jaja <3

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french kiss



french kiss

french kiss

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