Hello … You do not dream it’s me. 1 month and a half of silence is unexpected from a talkative like me. It is also a first in the history of the blog. In almost 4 years I have never taken a break. I have always found the time, the desire and the energy to come and share with you. I always took the time to come and collect my memories here. Let’s go back to the last months and this absence.

First, you must have noticed that we worked a little on the design in my absence! The blog had a little bit of renovation, I told you in one of my last posts: I couldn’t stand the style of the blog anymore, I did not recognize it, I did not have time to redo everything so I gently neglected the articles. It was honestly the number 1 reason for my silence. There are still some things to fix here and there but I like the result a lot!

Then my job. If you follow me on Instagram you know that my job took a big place in my life, I love what I do, I started in the middle of the sporting season so we had to take the train en route and run very fast . I learned a lot but I also gave everything I had and I realize now (yesterday to be very precise) that I gave a lot of my creativity and that I was emptied when I came home. I did not know what to say to you, how to tell you. Staying the same and not being a bland version of myself.


I knew that the first half of 2018 would be exhausting, I told you earlier this year on Instagram. New job. 2 weeks in France. 2 months mission with French students. Added to this Miami, the cruise, Los Angeles, Coachella, the road trip to the United States, the move! “small things” that I did not plan for in January and added a bit of work, stress and fatigue to months that were already busy.

I will talk about the trips later, I already published the article on my incredible Coachella experience! The rest is coming soon!

I want to go back on my mission with the students, you were several to ask me questions, it is true that I explained at their arrival but I never explained again in my stories. You missed a story you missed the explanation ahah, no second chance! I was therefore recruited by a French school (3 campuses: Bordeaux, Lyon and Paris) to be coordinator during their stay. It’s a 5 years program, each year their students go to a different country and this year for the first time part of the promo set his bags in Toronto. My mission: organize 10 meetings with digital actors and / or visits and be their point of contact. When I accepted the mission in December I didn’t know what I was gonna do, I had already collaborated with students but never with 31 at once and for 2 months. We said goodbye ten days ago, it was with a twinge in my heart that I saw them leave. It was a great human adventure, to be part of their lives for 2 months and to share what I would have liked to be shared when I was 20, to meet inspiring people, to show them that dreams are not meant to just be dreams. Read their feedback and look forward to seeing what the future holds!


Finally, I had to move. Just before my trip to France in February I learned that I had to leave before June 1st. I thought my only option was finding a new roomate and I was a little tired of having to reconnect with a stranger with whom to live. Since November 2013 and my departure from the avenue Victor Hugo I had not lived alone. Only after living a year of madness with Mick I lived with a roommate tasteless (we shared the bathroom and bills, nothing more) that depressed me a little, I was a little reluctant and anxious. You have to know that real estate in Toronto is going crazy and living alone is a luxury. While I had abandoned my research by always pushing the day after a friend offered me to take his apartment, he went back to France. Things have obviously not been so simple, a lot of paperwork, battle for the apartment but finally I’m there. I live alone for a month and a half now. I arrange my little cozy nest little by little. I enjoy the simple things of life like watching TV in panties on my couch or inviting my girlfriends to watch a movie at midnight. In my reviews 2017 I told you that for 2018 I felt ready to let someone enter my life, I think the apartment alone and the peace of mind that it brings me was the last thing to change to be really available at 100%. Future I’m coming.


Good for my return I made you an article of 8km, I hope you had not planned anything else today ..;)

I cannot wait to see the rest, I cannot wait to get your feedback on the new look and this new article, a little different from “usual, way more “confidences:. Very honest. You often ask me how I manage to keep up the pace by always being up and down, I usually manage pretty well but I must admit that there I was a little drowned, that I tested my limits ..

But I’m back.

Thank you for being always be more and more, thank you for your messages. Thank you for being here.


Look: pants: Pimkie – Tshirt: Mango – Vest: no idea – Shoes: Zara – Purse: Winners – Glasses: no name.

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