Outfit of the wedding day.


!As you were able to see it on Instagram and Facebook this weekend I had a wedding. As we say in French: rainy wedding, happy wedding! And a little retro dress which fit perfectly! I bought it in July when I just moved back from Toronto in this shop I love in Valence: Graine de filles.

The lenght is perfect, not too short, which is a little too much for a wedding, and not too long because no one wants to look like grand ma.


As always with Molly Bracken (yes soon I will have more dresses than their e-shop) the row is super nice to wear,  cuts are modern and quirky, with a different touch which push me really often to his brand everytime I’m looking for a dress. Chic and trendy: fit perfectly with my tastes.


Heels to make me look taller, black blazer to match with September weather, small black bag and I’m ready !


Dress: Molly Bracken

Blazer: Zara

Glasses: Marc Jacobs

Heels: Buffalo (fromp few years ago)

Purse: Modatoi

Watch: Louis Pion


After a beautiful wedding Saturday, Sunday I met Dorianne who is a permanent make up artist in Marseille and who will be soon in Valence too. I will tell you more about my experience during the week ! Stay tuned!

Have a nice week guys.


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