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Good spring is not very nice with us this year. Victoria Day (last holiday of the past week) usually launches the summer season but this year we wonder if summer will be. We alternate between beautiful days and gray and rainy days. The Toronto islands, one of the busiest spots in the summer, have been closed for several weeks due to flooding. More than 40% of the islands are under water. Surrounded by a lake, we wait patiently for the sun to do its job and evacuate a little. Let’s see my levis in this look today.

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If you follow me on Snapchat or Instatories you know that for few nights now I can not fall asleep so I’m overexcited. No reason in particular but only super motivated by what happens around me, the projects to come but also and especially the present that is still pretty cool. I do not hide from you that I was a little apprehensive about going back to Toronto. Not much, not to the point of making an obsession, but to the point of asking questions: “What if I had idealized my first year in Canada, and if it was not that good? And if you leave everything in France for nothing? ” Although we are certain of his decision, we sometimes lower our guard a little, we take 2 minutes to slow down and look at the situation, to say: but what are you doing?


Otherwise I’m back with a very simple and summer outfit! Saturday the weather was great, we strolled, we took advantage of the day and the evening with a beautiful vacation feeling. I’ve been dragging these shorts for … far too long! You asked me where it came from on social media … and quite simply a vintage store, an old Levi’s jeans cut by myself! Super comfortable, a bit boyfriend, I have adopted it for a while. The shirt comes from the Walmart pajamas department. Yes yes you have read! I wanted to keep it to sleep then finally I think it deserves to walk proudly on the street. Let us come to my shoes! I got you mad with it! My Jeffrey Campbell of Love. I crossed the city to have my size on a Friday night, 25% discount was the time to buy them! Unfortunately they are not available for sale in France. A good reason to come take a tour in North America ^^. The day I bought them I had a day of madness. I saw Harvey Specter from the Suits series in shooting. I told you: a day of folly!


Hope you like my levis too. Passez une belle fin de semaine les petits loups à frange.

Love love.

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