Recipe of Gluten free coconut pancakes

I promised more recipes and it seems that I manage to stay there .. at least 2 weeks on a raw! After the success of the coconut cookies last week we are going to talk breakfast. I had already proposed banana pancakes 2 years ago (what already?!), A recipe that I tested a million times (without exaggerating really), which I love a lot except that last Saturday I didn’t have banana, I first thought about the option of oatmeal flakes then I thought I still had coconut flour! Neither one nor two! Let’s try gluten-free coconut pancakes! Attention coconut flour makes the pancakes more friable and dry than a “classic” pancake.


For about 6-8 pancakes you will need:

  • 30 grams of coconut flour
  • 80 ml of vegetable milk
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon yeast
  • agave syrup
  • cinnamon
  • Fresh fruit for accompaniment


  • Put all the ingredients in a large bowl.
  • Mix with a fork to obtain a thick paste, even a little dry, if it is the case add vegetable milk.
  • In an oiled frying pan (I used coconut oil), over a low heat and using a fork, take a ball of dough, give it a form of pancakes without pressing too much to not lose the pancakes, Thickness that will make the softness of the pancake.
  • Leave to cook slowly.
  • Return.
  • Taste with your fresh fruit!


Gourmet recipe before being gluten free it will suit everyone!

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Bon appétit 🙂

Original recipe here.

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