Meet the old town.

They are people you have to meet. It’s destiny. It’s my story with Marlyse alias Lyz Photography. Few months ago a friend told me about a photographer, he was buying her an objective. He told me she may come to take some pictures from their association. Time goes. I launched my idea about my photo project and I don’t really know how but I’m finally in contact with Marlyse without knowing who she is. After time talking on Facebook we decided to drink a hot chocolate at the Alix Coffee, she agreed to colabore on my project. One thing from an other I realized she is the same person my friend talked me about few months ago. We have to meet. I’m sure about it.

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I’m working on this project for couples weeks now and I was able to meet talented people ! Photographers with different styles. I became closer with the models since I spent so much time with them. I’m so impatiente to show you this amazing project .. First official information April 20th, I hope you will be around !

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Marlyse didn’t come by herself, she had someone on her belly she keep really warm for few months ! So we walked her, baby and I on the old Valence, looking for the best spot to shoot. It’s really one of my favourite place in Valence, small streets, musics from the neighbourd’s window, big charmy doors, the view on the old castle Crussol depending on where you stand. We feel good there, you just feel like you wanna walk, chat with friend and don’t care about time flying.

rencontre dans la vieille ville valence

What is your favourite place in Valence ? And for people out of Valence where is in your city ?

Nothing new in this outfit, I mixed old to make a new outfit 😉

Vest: Abercrombie & Fitch / Jeans jacket: Zara / Shirt: Only / Pants: Impérial / Shoes: Asos

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Photo credit: Lyz Photography.

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