petite robe noire

Little black dress

Let her who has no little black dress in her dressing raises her hand? That one who does not have 2 little black dresses in her dressing raises his hand? That one .. Ok we understood: the little black dress we have it all is an indispensable! And that’s the excuse that all salespeople will give you in store to help make the decision: “We all need a little black dress” and you think: “Yes I finally have 54 when “Then your guy who sees you come back with a 55th black dress and does not grasp the subtlety:” No this one does not look like the touuuuuut in the 33rd of my collection! “

All this to say that the little black dress is a classic, a must have of our dressing room and that it comes in so many shapes and materials that could fill a whole dressing room.

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This one has come to join the 5 others already present in my collection! Every time I tell myself that it is so simple to wear that it is a pity to leave them sadly hanging from a hanger in a store, and I do not resist long! An evening at the last moment? No inspiration one morning? Or a desire to be simple and chic: jump into a little black dress, a colored saltire, a pair of heels and go! The advantage is that you can associate it with a more colorful piece or with more character without any risk of missteps!

petite robe noire

I found this one quite by chance in a small shop on Avenue Victor Hugo: VOG55. I was going for a pair of shoes. I came out with a dress. Logic not? I fell under the charm of the collar claudine that brings a real touch of originality to this dress that otherwise would remain rather basic. In addition the saleswoman was nice and funny which in principle pushes me good for consumption (How does one make fun of it?)

petite robe noire col claudine

My new necklace Ose found its place naturally, I am totally fan! This is really my favorite piece of the current collection! I will be back on this brand very quickly, stay tuned it could be super cool for you too .. I say that .. Hein ^^

For the rest of the jewelry I remain rather light with these hot heats, I do not wear rings as soon as the temperatures exceeds 25 degrees. Honestly who wants to see his fingers become small squirrel sticks (go one remains in the sexy after the earplugs on Snapchat!).

petite robe noire valence

Necklace: Bijoux Ose – Shoes: Kiabi – Dress: – Watch: Louis Pion.

My dress is not online (the brand does not even have a site ..) I have prepared a small selection of my favorites! Hide your CB, I absolve myself of all responsibilities! (Pssst they are only products sold 😉 ).

Selection of little black dress:

robe asos 1 robe_noire_asos2 robe noire asos robe noire
petite robe noire robe noire asos robe noire vero moda little black dress asos

Otherwise my hair begins to be really bad! I waited for the Spahis Race to pass to take care of it then I will make an appointment soon to Franck to find a cup worthy of the name!

On this very interesting observation I wish you a great evening the little wolves <3 and Allez France (Yes even in the semi final I start to take interest in matches 😉 )

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petite robe noire 2

compensées kiabi

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