How to easily optimize your organization?


This is a topic that comes up regularly in your messages. How do you organize your time to do a max in a minimum of time? If you follow me on Instagram you know surely that I love to run from one place to another. That I like chain and above all optimize my time! At the risk of appearing psychopathic. After two and a half years together we do not hide anything anyway. I often calculate my journeys of the day as a route. So if I pass here I can also make a catch there for Save time and not go there tomorrow and come back on purpose. Ok in my head I’m not alone we are clear 😉. So today I try to answer this question. How to optimize your organization by offering you some tips and tricks.


Have a notebook (and the pen that goes with it).

I always have a notebook on me. For me it will always be simpler to take notes. Make diagrams and build around a paper than directly on digital. Yet I am digital at 200%. What I noticed during my years as a commercial field is that, the paper does not cut the dialogue with your interlocutor whatever it is. A customer, friend, prospect, partner. It’s much simpler and spontaneous to scribble in a notebook for me. Think of the pen too. Yes I sometimes forget it and it is suddenly much less useful;)

The lists.

Good go I give you all my good plans .. Warning because there is the good plan of the year! We all receive an untold number of couriers and envelopes that go with it. And well in my office I have an envelope storage space to which I offer a second life and not least: a life of support lists! Yes my little lady I note my lists on old envelopes: recycling power! The lists and me? More than a love story a necessity. I note everything I have to do for the day or the weekend and I try to keep to the maximum. Sometimes I cheat by adding things that I just did but that were not scored. It is motivating to see striped elements. Ok I cheat but I assure you that lists is life! Note, scratch, optimize!

The calendar.

Nowadays (does it smell the phrase of writing French in college? Or history?) The phones are all equipped with a calendar. I note everything from the appointment at the hairdresser to the appointment pro passing by the stop to drink a hot chocolate with the girlfriends. I also take advantage of the double alarm offered by the iPhone: first alarm the day before, the second 2 hours before the event. In this way I do not forget my appointments and especially I do not book two events at the same time.

optimiser son organisation


The app Notes of my iPhone (which must be called otherwise in other phones but you see the idea) is my best friend! It contains a lot of notes with a single word for example! Because this word inspired me and I will reuse it for a project, an article, a publication, a client. This is my digital version, I have for example a list of hashtag ready to be copied pasted according to my posts on Instagram (optimization of the time you said?).

I have contacts that are given to me, I have text messages to send later (birthday for example, to avoid the “Happy Birthday” rotten at 23:30 because we hoped all day find a moment to write the message of the year.), I have places to visit, a list of things to do in my life, a list of sentences that made me laugh or that I found pretty, Post Instagram.


The photo application of my phone is full of screen printing of things seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc! Because these things inspire me and I do not want to forget them! I also take pictures of the places that inspire me for the next shooting of the blog, I also take pictures of the labels in stores to keep the reference for later or news of any kind.

Google Drive.

So Google Drive itself would be a bit lying because I mainly use Google Doc and Google Sheet (the equivalent of Word and Excel at Google). Accessible data from your phone, computer or tablet through an internet connection. The possibility to share these documents with your collaborators so that they can see or modify them. I find the offer very comprehensive and very convenient for people who work on different projects at the same time.


How not to talk about Pinterest? The digital version of the corkboard we had in our homes during our childhood (Mom Dad if you read that!). Pinterest is full of cork paintings accessible via their application or website, you create your different paintings you add images found on the net to the sandstone of your walks or your own photos (from the blog you only have ‘To hover over the pictures to add them to your paintings) and you gather in one place all your inspirations. I love to search through keywords related to the events I prepare to inspire and blend with my ideas! The site also offers the sharing of paintings with your friends, ideal to prepare a trip, a party, an event but also the secret table option to keep the mystery on your next birthday party!

Beta Series.

Finally my last advice will be more leisure-oriented. I am a very big fan of series since my 16 years, I was among the first to watch the series with the American rhythm at the time (nobody judge anyone here ^^). Except that here is the time has passed since my 16 years and I am no longer able to chain hours and hours of series in the evening, I happen very often to fall asleep in front of elsewhere (with Netflix which connects the Episodes without stopping I often fall asleep in episode 4 and wake up since episode 9 ^^).

But since 2009 (already .. I saw my registration date and I was frightened. Where is the time?) I am each series on the BetaSeries application. The principle is simple: I add the series I am, I check every episode when I saw it, I even have the opportunity to note it. For the series on American rhythm it’s great I check my application to find out which episode came out when. What does the people ask honestly? I have advised this application to a million people around me (never in exaggeration here) because I am more than convinced of the product! Good the bad side is that they give you the exact number of hours you spent watching series. 2 months. 2 weeks. 1 day. 16h and 35 minutes. We’re a fan or we’re not!

I hope these tips will help you improve your organization! If you like this type of articles I will be happy to repeat the operation on other topics! Do not hesitate to leave me a little comment with your tips and tricks it is always a great pleasure to read you.

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange.


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