Wellness tips for an active life

Summer is always a complicated period. You try to enjoy life in the sun, long summer days, friends. Visitors and all that the city has to offer on fine days, bbq, Swimming pools, terraces. You grasped the idea? As you know I often have a busy schedule. I juggle between a full-time job here, blog, my freelance missions. In addition to a very dense social life. You often ask me how I manage to keep pace and juggle from one to the other without worry so I figured I would share some wellness tips for an active life. I try to keep myself a simple but essential routine for my balance.

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Drink water

Sacred scoop I know. Let us not forget that our body is composed of 60% water, it is our essence. After the health problems I’ve had (I’m talking about it here), I realized how essential water is to the functioning of our bodies. I often imagine a small mill to which water would be cut: it shoots, it squeaks, it battles to function. The body is the same. Take simple landmarks: a one liter bottle before lunch and another one in the afternoon when you are in the office. This is my technical memo. Water in good quantity avoids a large number of problems (migraines, problems of digestion …).

Drink herbal tea

No I do not become gaga I do not repeat, herbal tea and water do not meet the same needs of your body. We drink herbal tea for the benefits it brings thanks to the plants it contains, actually it is water but not pure water; Your body does not assimilate it in the same way. I prefer herbal tea to the healthier tea for the body and better when iron is lacking like me.


Eat well and social life

Not easy to combine is not it? I have known a period where I prefer to avoid meals outside so as not to deviate from my food rhythm. Honestly, I think this is a very frequent passage when you change your diet. You impose a strict discipline to find a new balance. I began my change of diet at the end of 2014, since I have been able to experiment several situations.

One thing that works well. I always make sure to plan my lunch at the office so that I do not have to order something next door and be sure I eat a balanced meal a day. And I also eat very little meat. I do not cook it I sometimes eat outside. so I am also careful to adapt my meal to not miss anything and to be able to offer my body all the resources necessary to Support me throughout the day.


It also comes from my education, at home we cook, papa loves it, he prepared us salads of fifous when we were small who would have made more than one jealous instagrameur! Choosing to eat products from the earth rather than a box is an essential thing to know what you are giving your body. Just think of all the additives added in the dishes ready and company I no longer hungry. For example I am super fan of salads summer: easy to prepare, no need to warm, rather practical.


Organize well

I was already talking about it in this article, but organizing is the key to a busy and fulfilling life. The organization allows you to anticipate, not to run everywhere in the last minute and thus to be a little more relaxed.

Make time for yourself

Very tied to the previous point, a good organization allows you moments of respite: if everything is under control you can release the pressure and offer you a moment to test the new mask you bought there 3 weeks, offer you a manicure, watch the latest series on Netflix that everyone is talking about. Go for a walk, do simple things. It’s one of the essential wellness tips for an active life.


A good night of sleep

I’m not a big sleeper (to the great despair of those who go on holiday with me) but I sleep well, I fall asleep, wakes up twice a night on average for technical reasons and Return to me as quickly. It is important to offer your body a quality sleep. Do you remember the sims life simulation game? Fill your green energy bar.

Unplugged moments

You will probably find it hard to believe it but I sometimes disconnect from my phone or my computer yes yes. Either I voluntarily leave it in a corner at home while I am busy or I leave it in my bag when I am in the company of friends or very busy. It does good from time to time not to connect to this tool as an infusion.


Give yourself quality moments with your friends

Be sure to be 100% available when you spend time with friends or family, nothing more annoying than to see someone who seems to wait until the moment when he can leave (Escape?) To finish what he has to do. Again organize yourself properly to enjoy these moments thoroughly, replenish yourself, exchange with your friends, plan your next vacation, enjoy the moment.

Enjoy the moment

iI’s something I’ve managed to change over time, it took a lot of time. Often I regretted not having enough of what I was experiencing once it was over. I was already thinking so much that I forgot the essential: where I was at the moment T. Working there I now completely detach myself from what will come next to enjoy what I live now. Living in the present is surely one of the best things that yoga has taught me. Try to tell me something new.


Say no

not to force oneself, you have the right not to want, not to desire, to say no and assert oneself is not obvious to everybody, we do not all have the same ease with Refuse and agree not to please everyone. Because the main problem is often there: we are embarrassed not to respond favorably to the needs and expectations of another person. And remember that it is your life, your choices and your well-being. Listen to your own needs. No I can not I want a moment off for me is to preserve.


again you say what it is, but what it is talking about. Communication has always been a problem in my entourage, nothing is said, we wait for it to happen (or break) to finally end up in a general brouhah of misunderstanding. Except that today with a hyper active life I do not have time to devote to misunderstandings, I seek a certain efficiency in my exchanges (this sentence is very commercial but read on). I do not want to spend hours fixing problems that would never have happened to be with good communication (surely linked to my obsession with non conflicts ^^)



We’re nearing the end of our wellness tips for an active life. Lately I’m having a hard time keeping up with it but I try to practice a yoga session every week. At best yoga and gym. My ideal is to practice a sport 3 times a week. It unfolds, it releases the toxins from the body, it empties the mind and for me it acts on my problems of blood circulation / water retention. All benefits


Does that make you laugh it? And yes I need to laugh. I do not force myself. Although I can thanks to the photo shoots with Alison I know now laugh on command. No I think rather laugh with the people you like. Let yourself go, laugh and make laugh. You know if you follow me on Instagram I like to laugh, to have fun, to dance, to sing and it is esssential (besides being good for the abs;))


I hope these wellness tips for an active life will help you. I’ve put them together over time and with experience. Let’s hope it gives you a helping hand to improve your well-being. It’s such a relief when you feel good about your life.

I do not always manage to ensure on all points I am human but I try to do my max.

If you also have advice I am grabbing.

Love love mes petits loups à frange.


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