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Today I wanted to share a good mood and positive vibes. To write spontaneously on the blog. A little mood post, far from the more elaborate articles that take time, research and talk about paperwork or travel. Come back to the sources. Today I had several conversations with my loved ones about their situations, things that go more or less in the right direction and I thought that if they needed a little bost of energy you could also to need and appreciate it.


Let’s start with a truth that you should all keep in mind: you’re awesome! You are beautiful people, you have a lot to offer. Do not depreciate yourself. You are your best friend and the person who should have the best opinion of you. It’s a little overheard but so true: love yourself before being loved. Be comfortable with your strengths and your points a little less strong. Get to know yourself. You are your best friend. I shared some of my complex on my Instagram stories a few days ago, it was a complex of someone who had not realized her strength. Today they no longer exist and yet my physique has not changed so much. I just gave my brain more positive information about me and I became kind to myself. Wish you the best and believe above all that you deserve the best.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Cherish your relationship with yourself, you are the only relationship you will have until the end of your life. It is the relationship that you will have before being someone’s friend, the relationship that would have before being someone’s partner, the relationship that you will have before to be someone’s parent. Before you identify with an outside relationship, have a healthy relationship with yourself. Speak to yourself as you would speak to your best friend.

Another truth, important especially if you feel alone: ​​you count for someone. There is someone, near or far, next to you or on the other side of the world, who thinks of you, who wants to spend time with you or who remembers your good memories together. And at times when you read these words you too think of someone you love, whom you enjoy the company, who knows how to make you laugh when there is no reason to laugh. That illuminates your face only by its presence. Realize the effect of one person on your life. Choose your friends well. Surround yourself with people who warm your heart, who make you feel special. Multiply these relationships, without excess, you do not need to have a shovel. Just the right amount of good quality.

Because I often say real things (I try to avoid saying nonsense especially on the blog .. you know internet all that, it’s keeping record!), I have one more thing to say to you: whatever you are doing believe in us! You can do it ! Do not let the fears or anxieties of others take up space in your life. Even if these fears come from someone you love. Nobody should live through other’s fears. Nobody should be held back by fear. Believe in yourself so much that no one can make you believe that you should do something else or do things differently. Do not let anyone get away from your goal, who you want to be, or what you want to do.

I made these few points a ritual, a promise to myself. But sometimes I need a boost too so I turn the music on (old music is funnier) and I dance. I have a special playlist “Songs to listen if you grew up in the 2000s” on Spotify. Let’s be honest I dance as if I were Beyoncé at Coachella not like I was Marguerite in my bathroom. No no I’m going to it thoroughly. Sewing jumps on the couch (to replace by your bed if you live with your parents or roommate). Wiggling my hips (for the moment we haven’t report any injury and we really hope that it continues like this). Shoulder movements a bit cheesy but so satisfying. Intense looks towards the public (played by your plants or your animals if you have).

Check the nearest mirror because it’s important to see how relaxed is your face during these moments, how they relax and make you happy. Print this image very well in your little head my little friends! That’s what we want to see, we want to feel and live! The simple happiness of being alive and happy.

On these beautiful words I have to meet my couch for a little session of dancing in my living room, knowing that the building across the way must probably see me and laugh. To laugh and to make people laugh is the goal of life, is not it?

So much love for you guys <3

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