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After a lot of waiting I finally released an article to help you create your own blog that you can read here (youhouuuuuu). You asked me on Instagram to tell you about the plugins I use. It’s true that it’s hard to find good ones, there are a ton of them available and it can be scary to have to choose. Here’s a list of plugins I’ve been using on WordPress for a while to save you time in your search.

So before I tell you about mine here are some tips on how to search for yours:

  • Identify the purpose of the plugin you are looking for, find the exact term used in blogging.
  • Do some research on Google to get people’s opinions
  • Look at the ratings the plugin has in WordPress, if it works for your version of WordPress and when it was last updated.

A bad plugin can create a security hole, it is important to choose the plugins you allow to access your blog.

Here is the list of plugins I use in WordPress (I did not list everything I have many more but let’s say it’s the main ones).

Yoast SEO. One of the most famous WordPress plugins. This plugin helps you to improve your SEO by giving you an indication about your keywords, title etc.

Classic editor. I started using wordpress in 2014 and in the last few years they have changed the way to create articles. I don’t like it at all and I can’t get used to it. Fortunately there is a plugin to get back to the old version which for me is easier to get used to. If you are interested in it too.

Cookie Notice. By having a blog you will also have to comply with the rules of the Internet. And one of them is to tell your visitors about the cookie situation on your blog. This plugin is one of the most popular ones for cookies.

Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode & Landing Page. While you are making your theme changes, before launching your blog for example, you can use this plugin to create a waiting page. You can customize it to tell your visitors that you will be back soon.

Contact Form 7. To have a contact form on your blog.

Knews. To send newsletters in several languages.

Polylang. I spent a long time looking for this plugin to have a blog in both languages. At the beginning of the blog I had another plugin but since 5 years I think, I have this one! It will allow you to create the same article in different languages and have them linked. That is to say that by being on the page of the article and switching from French to English for example you switch from the same article in French and English.

UpdraftPlus. Super important to be able to make automatic backups of your blog. You can set it up once a week on your Google Drive and you won’t have to worry about backups.

Wordfence Security – to protect your blog from attacks. You get a weekly report of the attacks that have been blocked and it’s scary!


I hope it will help you!

Happy blogging 🙂

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