Happy year 5 in Canada

Year 5. I smile when I think about it. I read these words saying to myself wow 5 years is a step. 5 years is more than half of my adult life. 5 years since my first step on Canadian soil. In 5 years I lived more than I would have imagined living in a lifetime. I did not grow up having an accurate list of things I wanted to do as some people did. I never said at such age I want to have this or that. My only line of conduct was and it is always to feel fulfilled, happy and to remain open to the opportunities that arise, to let myself be guided by my intuition (it seems that the fish are very intuitive, I discover and the ‘is enjoying more and more). I do not put any pressure to be owner / parent / to have visited x number of countries or something else before my 30th birthday (luckily since it was last year). For the simple reason that I do not know exactly what I’m trying to achieve. My goal is constantly evolving. It adapts to my feelings, my experiences, my encounters, my intuition (again this one!). I write on the windows of my room (this is the largest space I have found to give free rein to my imagination). On the one hand I note projects (organize this, write this) and on the other hand things that I want to work on, improve my concentration, learn to be a little more patient, etc.


We are moving away from the subject! Last year I made you a recap worthy of a sheet of writing in 3 parts of high school student. This year we will play it a little softer. These 5 years have left me no rest between adaptation, job searches, apartment search, visa application, creation of a circle of friends, travel, learning a new language, I have not had a year without unexpected change. I was challenged much more than I thought I could handle. I was out of my comfort zone more times than I thought possible. I grew so much as a person but also as a professional. I learned to communicate better and that was really a big challenge for me. Express what I want, communicate the information, say if I do not like it. For many it is simple and natural. Not for me.

But when we get nearer, when I was asked when I saw myself in five or ten years, I never knew what to say. For the good and simple reason that the jobs I do today did not exist. That I created them based on my experience and what I liked doing. How could I imagine that it was even possible? I have the impression that I have always known that I would not have a “classic” life (when I use this term it is not pejorative!) But I never knew to what extent and still today I am in full definition of this life. I have a thousand and one things to share with you about the ideal life that I am building but it’s a story of another day as they say in English!


Of these 5 beautiful years I will remember the human first, which is at the heart of this adventure. I will be the first to tell you that you live this adventure for you but I can not forget the fact that the people you find on your way will change your experience. You will discover people who look like you at a point you thought unimaginable. Who are you alike and at the same time who are also your opposites. You will find yourself around a common project. You will find people who will speak your language, breathe the same craziness, the same desires. If sometimes you feel lonely in your desires for departure you will find a caring cocoon of people like you. That’s what I found.

What I learned about myself, about others, about relationships with others, about the choices we have to make, about who we can become once we move away from all that is familiar to us. It’s just crazy. What I could accomplish was so much off my radar, I did not know it was even possible in this life. I invite you all to take a step back and look at what you have accomplished. The mountains that frighten you at the time that make you smile now, there is a little something that changes in you, a certain confidence that settles in you face the administrative, the change of culture, the learning a new language that make you feel a bit special and who personally confirmed that nothing was impossible and that nothing should scare me.

Finally I will remember the blog and you! My god (a very dramatic Oh my god could have more impact) 5 years of exchange, conversation, mutual learning, I have the impression to repeat myself but I had imagined the impact that would have this blog when I launched it. He changed my personal and professional life. All I have been able to achieve professionally since it is thanks to the blog that allowed me to learn, to test and to show what I knew how to do. I chat and stop no more, I have so much a lot of things to say to you and a nice desire to return more regularly to make you the conversation (we agree it’s a rather a monologue right now!)

Photos are from Nick Merzetti at Cherry Beach!

Bonne soirée.

Love love.

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