10 French speakers in Canada on Youtube

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Here is a list of French speakers in Canada on Youtube, you can learn more about life here and follow their adventures! A few months ago I published an article to share with you the Instagram accounts of French (and French-speaking) people living in Canada to follow on Instagram. Since I spend more and more time on Youtube I thought it might be interesting to do the same for Youtube!

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Last update: January 2024


City: Toronto Instagram Youtube channel

Rémi is originally from Savoie and arrived in Toronto in 2022 with his boyfriend on a WHV. He shares his experience through his vlogs. This guy has a special place in this list because thanks to the networks, we’ve become friends in real life! So I can confirm that he’s as nice in real life as he looks on video.

Emma Houaston
City: Toronto Instagram Youtube channel

Emma arrived from Réunion in 2022 with her boyfriend on a WHV. Like Rémi, I was able to meet her in person and become friends! She’s really good at editing, and her visuals are always cool. She shares her experience of life in Toronto, as well as more lifestyle videos.

Travel With Maylis
City: Toronto Instagram Youtube channel

After 2 years in the United States, Maylis embarked on her Canadian adventure in 2022. She shares her life as a newcomer to Canada, her experience in finding an apartment and a job. You can follow the beginnings of immigration in Toronto.

City: Toronto Instagram Youtube channel 

Adding to our list of French speakers in Canada on Youtube, Maïmouna is originally from Burkina Faso, she lives in Toronto and shares her experience. Very detailed and honest! Feedback on immigration, life in a roommate and the different stages of life in Canada.

En Trio à Toronto
City: Toronto Instagram Youtube channel

Follow the adventures of a couple just moving to Toronto!


Cup Of English Tea
City: Winnipeg Instagram  Youtube channel

Kenza lives in Manitoba and shares her experience after years there. It’s hard to find content in this part of Canada so we really thank Kenza for this 🙂


Max Singa
City: Montreal Instagram  Youtube channel

Max moved to Montreal recently and is documenting his journey!

Camille D
City: Montréal Instagram  Youtube channel

Camille lives in Montreal, she is a photographer and videographer. She offers very detailed and high quality videos about her Canadian experience.

Julie Theory
Lieu de résidence: Montréal Instagram  Sa chaîne Youtube

Julie is another francophone on Youtube in Canada! We’ve been chatting for a while on the networks. But we haven’t managed to get together in the same place at the same time… but we will! She left everything behind in France to go back to school in Montreal. She shares her new life in Montreal in her how-to videos and vlogs! A great way to familiarize yourself with Quebec life for those planning to live there with a really bubbly girl!


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