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During the past 7 years I lived with my family, in a relationship, by myself and with roommates. Multiple experiences. And overall different places I had to decorate. Adapt according to the rooms, decorate according to my mood, tastes, discovering and experiences. I love loosing myself in second hand stores looking at the unique piece I will never find in someone else place. It’s important to feel home, this place is the one you feel safe when you close your door to the world.

To give you a little idea of my determination I decided few years ago to paint my place in Valence: it took me more time than a professional will need but the result was pretty cool ! At this time I was partying a lot (too much) and it happened couple times (yes you need couple times to paint 50m²) that I had to paint with spectators: my girl friends resting from the night or one of my best friend asking himself: why did I sleep on her couch (alcohol is bad). What I can say is I never felt lonely during my painting 😉

And I attach a lovely attention to my frams, I love them to express my personnality and philosophy. I did my own frams with fashion pictures and words picked into different fashion books, I even have a picture from Valence during the 50’s. Everything is now in packages since I moved to Canada and moved back to France, waiting for a new place. And I’m thinking about this future new place already, looking at decoration sometimes. During these past weeks I had a crush for Le Studio Français on Instagram: when I told you that I loved social medias, we always have good surprises.

Behind the Atelier Français: a French girl passionnated by decoration, tired by frames sold in stores she decided to create her own frames  and to share it with the world ! Your decoration couldn’t more original since her choice is amazing !

I took time to look at her work, time to talk with her and I love her universe so I was really excited to share it with you ! You know how much I love independant people who get out of the box and offer us a work more personnal !

Let’s find my favourites just below and share yours with me !

Le Studio Français : SiteFacebookInstagram .

Copyright : “Le Studio Français”. Do not use without authorization.

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