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If you follow me on social media you probably know that recently I discovered a passion for dresses and bohemian inspiration patterns. The summer is slow to settle here and the long dresses are a good alternative, they allow us to hold a little our legs to air but not too much, the colors and patterns brighten a bit the “not really spring no summer yet” kind of mood which reigns right now. Generally at this time of the year it is nice and warm, this year one alternates between big heat and rain. Welcome to Toronto!


As often I like to look around and find my inspirations along the shelves, I have ideas in mind but often I leave with something completely different! It’s funny seeing this romper I told myself: but what is it? A romper with a dress on the back? Interesting. Tried first with a bra that obviously spoiled the originality of the outfit. It is a dress to wear simply without nothing. A concept that I had trouble applying for many years. Until the day I understood the advantage of our little breasts (speaking of us I feel less alone and I have less the impression to expose myself, thank you for your moral support ^^) Is that one can afford pretty necklines without ever risking the vulgar, without ever being afraid that one of them will be the trunk to go see if what happens outside is more interesting.


I wore this outfit at the MEC event last week in Toronto islands, the only one opens only to private events. I will talk more about this evening later! Your feedback has been really enthusiast about this dress and good news: I found the same model for you Canadian girlfriends. Outside of Canada I made a nice selection of what I could find on the Internet in the same style, trying to keep in mind to prefer the eshop we have in common between France and Canada. I really hope you will find the dress that will make you feel super hot and will bring you a maximum of confidence, because believe me walk in an outfit like that will leave no one who will cross your path indifferent!


For the event I had preferred to choose flat shoes but it also fits perfectly with a nice pair of wedges. Thinking that 3 years ago I hated this type of shoes, I found them too big, they weighed the silhouette. Then finally I cracked on a pair and I realized that it was still a good compromise to stay perched walking in town without suffering! You are not necessarily obliged to choose them as high, there are plenty of alternatives! I could honestly buy all the colors but I have to anticipate a problem that gonna happen to me very (too) soon: after 3 months here my shoe closet overflow. Almost 10 pairs since I arrived to add to those who made the trip with me. I’m going to push the walls guys!


I think this outfit is part of my top 5 this summer so you will definitely see it again very soon!

In the meantime I leave you with a selection, please do not forget to tag me on your story or post on Instagram I wanna see which model you chose and how you personalized it!

I used to say good evening in my posts but with a part of our community in France and a part in Canada I think we will remove the notion of time!

Love love mes petits loups à Frange

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