Picnic en Flannel with MEC

If you live in France the MEC brand may not tell you anything, it’s a mix between our Decathlon, Lafuma brand and Go Sport stores. Do you see the idea? It is a brand from Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, specializing in sports equipment. Born in the 1970s, the idea of the founders was to offer good products at the best price. They set up their cooperative and it is only after 3 years that they can afford to pay a salary to those who until then were volunteers. Now that I have planted a little decor I invite you to relive the Picnic in Flannel which I had the pleasure to be invited the week past by MEC for the launch of their new website: goodtimesoutside.ca

crédits photo: BestOfToronto

So it was on a beautiful June evening that we ventured into the islands of Toronto, which have been closed to the public for more than a month now because of flooding. On board a small boat we joined the yatch club which had been decorated for the occasion. Paddle instructors were waiting for us, freshly prepared mojitos, a DJ around a pool that was just waiting for us, a barbecue, salads, chamallows ready to be grilled. The evening looked very good! The setting was beautiful, I did not know this side of the island, it is a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I did not have the pleasure of doing paddle although I am a big fan but I participated in the race in sleeping bag and believe me it was worth his weight of peanuts! I reached the finish line without spreading myself in the grass and it is a very good victory for me! To try at home you laughs guaranteed!

credits photos: BestOfToronto

Before the evening I knew only the brand for their King Street store, so I had the opportunity to discover and test their products. Their tents are immense, they made me want to organize a camping weekend with the girlfriends me while at the base I am more hotels than tents. What about their hammocks? I think they were not empty long ago, everyone adopted them! It was a bit of a holiday mood at the yatch club in version 2.0! But above all I was able to put into practice what I had learned at the cottage the weekend before: making s’mores. Understand how to grill some marshmallows (be careful they must be in good condition, be very soft, ask for help from a Canadian if necessary they are pro in the field), slip it between 2 cookies and 1 tile of chocolate. The crush. Bravo you have made your own s’mores you can taste!

credits photos: BestOfToronto

Why you will love the new MEC website? Because it will allow you to enjoy Canadian life more easily! The site is full of ideas for outings but also events to join! Advice from locals to find places to run for example. You can filter by “ambiance”, for example you are rather looking for a social activity or to challenge you? You can also filter from the easiest to the most difficult, from the farthest to the nearest. In short you will not be able to say that you have nothing to do this summer! Personally I have already noticed several things to do! We’ll meet each other there!

credits photos: Jess Baumung / with @briannabodyfit

A great time to discover the brand! I left with a nice baby blue raincoat that I had adopted the next day as you saw on Snapchat and Instastory! Thanks to MEC for taking such good care of us and for the whole team behind this beautiful organization!

You can find the outfit I wore in this article with a selection of similar outfits.

Love love mes petits loups à frange.

credits photos: BestOfToronto
credits photos: BestOfToronto
credits photos: BestOfToronto
credits photos: BestOfToronto
credits photos: BestOfToronto
credits photos: BestOfToronto
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