Where to see the Sakura cherry blossoms in Toronto?


The stars of spring in Toronto are the Japanese cherry trees Sakura. They announce the return of fine weather, the long summer evenings. They move the crowds, are photographed from all angles, arrive as fast as they leave, invade our feeds Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We only talk about them. But you may be wondering where to see the Sakura cherry blossoms in Toronto?

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Here they are called “Cherry Blossom Trees”. They are the first to flourish and announce the return of spring. Given the length of winter this moment is very attended by the Torontonians. Some flowers are bright white, others are more pink. A nice mix of color. The flowering lasts very little time, in 10 days the flowers have disappeared! And that’s if you’re lucky and it doesn’t rain in the meantime. I’d also recommend going during the week if you can. On weekends, these places are packed and you’ll be hard pressed not to have 50 people in your photo.

But what do Japanese Cherry Blossoms Sakura in Toronto?

On April 1, 1959, Japanese ambassador to Canada, Toru-Hagiwara offered 2000 Japanese trees to the citizens of the city of Toronto in a spirit of friendship with Japanese citizens who had immigrated to Canada after the Second World War. These trees were planted mainly west of High Park. Since Japan has repeatedly offered cherry trees as proof of friendship and joy to the City of Toronto. The Japanese legend says that every spring a fairy criss-crosses the spring sky to wake up the cherry blossoms.


Where to find cherry blossoms trees in Toronto?

High park

It’s the city’s best-known and busiest spot during this season. In fact, it was here that Toronto’s first Sakura cherry trees were planted.

Trinity Bellwoods Park

This park is very popular in summer. Right in the center of Toronto, it’s also home to a few cherry blossom trees near the main entrance (Queen West).

Robarts Library, University of Toronto

It’s a very small space, but I love it here. This is the photo below.


Toronto Islands, Centre Islands Park

If you’ve never been to Toronto’s islands, now’s the time. It’s less crowded than the other options, plus you’ll get a great view of the city.

Toronto Music Garden

I also recommended this spot in my article on seeing Toronto’s autumn colours. It’s right in the center of town, easily accessible on foot or by public transport. And what’s more, you can enjoy a stroll by the lake.

Ramsden Park

This park is definitely worth adding to your list: for a few days of the year you can see beautiful cherry blossoms. The rest of the year you have a park with a skating rink and 8 tennis courts. All free of charge.

Mini Blossom Park

Well, at the moment it’s not the sexiest place in town because of the roadworks. But it’s also a much less well-known and quieter spot!

Woodbine Beach

I love this part of town. Having access to the beach in town: a big big big big plus. And you can also see the pretty cherry blossoms.

Exhibition Place

Another lesser-known spot where you can enjoy it a little more quietly.

Do you like them? Have you ever seen one? I loved going for a walk to see the cherry blossoms in Toronto. But I really prefer to go during the week to avoid the crowds.

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