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You regularly ask me on Instagram which are my favourite coffee shops in Toronto to relax and work. The city has so many that you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a place to work, I recommend coming well in advance, as some coffee shops are very busy. Second tip: have a plan B with another café in the area if you can’t find a place. Yes, it’s my experience that I’ve found myself taking meetings in lobbies because I couldn’t find a place in the cafés. A final word of advice: some cafés don’t accept computers at weekends, so check before you go.

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Balzac Coffee

The founder of Balzac Coffee wanted to create a café inspired by Parisian cafés. She opened the first one in Stratford, Ontario in 1996 (you can see it in this vlog). Since then, there have been 8 in Toronto and 8 in Ontario outside Toronto. Balzac Coffee is one of the leading coffee shops in Toronto. I’ll give you my top 3: Distillery District, it’s so beautiful. St Lawrence Market, it has great tables if you want to work with several people. And the one in Liberty Village, which is so bright.

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One of my favourite coffee shops in Toronto: Maman. Located in the heart of the Financial District, the interior is really hot, with lots of vintage decor. I love their terrace in summer, between buildings and trees. It’s no coincidence that you feel a strong French vibe when you visit these cafés. The couple behind Maman met in Montreal years ago. Benjamin hails from Montpellier, France and Eliza from Toronto. They opened their first café in Soho, New York, followed by Toronto. They now have over 30 cafés between the United States and Canada.

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Found Coffee

Another of my favourite coffee shops in Toronto. Australian cafés are renowned for their very special, warm and welcoming atmosphere. The founder of Found Coffee is Australian. In 2019, he moved to Toronto with the idea of creating the same atmosphere in his café. And it worked – I love going there. The team is welcoming, they have in my opinion the most beautiful cups in Toronto and they even change them seasonally.

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Versus Coffee

This coffee shop went viral in Toronto in 2020 with its pastel-colored drinks. Since then, the café has become a favorite of many Torontonians. Versus Coffee is beautifully decorated inside, but I’d recommend it in summer. The interior is quite small, so you’re more likely to get a seat in summer.

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Arvo Coffee

I still remember my first visit to Arvo Coffee. I’d just moved back to Toronto, it was snowing, and I’d set up shop there to write my blog. If you follow me on YouTube, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that this lovely café is in my favorite neighborhood: Distillery District. There’s a second one in Liberty Village if you’re on the west side of town. The café is small in the Distillery District but super cozy.

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Dineen Coffee

Dineen Coffee is one of those trendy cafés that’s always busy. Especially the one on Yonge and Temperance, which can be quite noisy. But if you’re looking for a quieter option you can head east of the city and visit Dineen Outpost.

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Boxcar Social

Boxcar Social coffee shops are open late because they also offer wine. You can spend all day or all evening there. They have 4 cafés across the city, and the one at Harbourfront overlooks the lake. That is, when there’s no construction work going on!

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Goldstruck Coffee

Goldstruck Coffee has 2 cafés in downtown Toronto: Yorkville and University/Adelaide. I visited both places. From the outside, Yorkville looks like a small café, but once you’re inside, it’s got quite a lot of space. There’s a really cool atmosphere. Their second café has a completely different, more modern feel. And it’s a very quiet place to work.

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Oretta Caffe

You’re probably familiar with the Oretta restaurant and its super colorful decor on King and Bathurst. But maybe you don’t know that behind it they also have a café. Oretta café is also very colorful and, above all, very quiet. In summer, there’s even a quiet terrace in a side street off King Street.

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Public School

At Yonge and Bloor, on the ground floor of the W Toronto Hotel, you’ll find Public School. A pretty café with a gentle ambience. And if you want to extend the day, there’s the restaurant right next door. I’ve tried it and recommend it too.

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Café 23

Café 23 is one of Toronto’s finest coffee shops. The terrace is just incredible, a haven of peace. You won’t feel like you’re in a big city at all. And if you pay attention to the decor, you’ll find plenty of French inspiration. It’s no coincidence that the owner of Café 23 is French!

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Beatrice Society

This café also has a really cool decor, with plenty of space to sit: tables, sofas, high tables. It’s a bit hard to find a place to sit sometimes, because it’s a popular place. On the other hand, if you don’t drink coffee, Beatrice Society is for you. They have plenty of drinks to choose from. Especially non-alcoholic cocktails and smoothies. In summer, they also have large picnic tables outside where you can sit and relax.

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Jimmy’s Coffee

Then let’s talk about Jimmy’s Coffee has many cafés across the life. They’ve really expanded since they opened in 2009, with 9 cafés today. And even though they have many cafés they still manage to keep that warm, intimate atmosphere. You can visit the first café they opened on Portland and King.

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Mofer coffee

Mofer cafés are also very welcoming, and I find them inspiring. They also have large tables if you need to work with several people. They have 5 cafés in Toronto in 4 corners of the city.

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I hope this list helps you discover new coffee shops in Toronto. If you’re looking for more Toronto info, you might like this article on the best pots for taking photos of the CN Tower.


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