25 things to do when it rains in Toronto


Let’s tackle a very important topic today, especially at this time of year when the weather is playing little jokes on us. If you follow me on Instagram you know that we go from blue skies, to snow, to rain in the span of an hour. We’re going to talk about 25 things to do in Toronto when it rains. There’s something for everyone. For people who prefer solo date, small group or family activities.

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Well, we’re not starting the list of things to do when it rains in Toronto with the most original suggestion, I grant you. Because we often think of museums when it rains. But that’s where we’ll start, to put the obvious activities out and offer you other options later on. With a bit of luck, it’ll be raining on the day when museums are free. To check that out, I refer you to my blog post on free museums in Toronto.

Ontario Science Centre

A must for rainy days. The Ontario Science Centre has something for everyone, from children to adults. You can check out the permanent and temporary activities and exhibitions on their website. Each activity has an age code to help you prepare for your visit.

Jumping on a trampoline

You think this is just for kids? I’ll stop you right there. I’ve been there before and it’s so good to bounce around for a few hours without thinking about anything else. It’s also a great stress reliever. You can even try out trampoline basketball at Sky Zone!


Arcade games

A change of scenary as we continue our list of things to do in Toronto when it’s raining. Looking for a little flashback to enjoy this rainy day in Toronto? I’ve got just the thing. There are several places in the city where you can play arcade games.

Some suggestions:

Reading at a café

A rainy day, sitting in a café with a book and a hot chocolate. Sounds good? Toronto has plenty of coffee shops, so you’ll for sure find one that suits you. I’ve even put together a list of my favorite coffee shops in Toronto, which you can find here.


Indoor roller skating

I tried out this activity a few weeks ago to celebrate Tim Hortons’ 60th anniversary. It’s so cool! I didn’t want to leave my skates. And yet we weren’t off to a very good start. The moment I stand up and realize how smooth the floor is … and how slippery the skates are. I told myself: this isn’t going to be as easy as the idea I had in my head. You can go to Rollerpony, they even give beginners’ lessons if you need a little help. You can also rent skates on site.

Play Ping Pong

In 2019, I celebrated my birthday at Spin on King West with my work colleagues. If you’re a bit competitive, you’ll have a great time and you’ll be dry! And they’ve got a bar, so you can have a drink there too.


We continue with the things to do in Toronto when it rains, and we continue with the competitive activities. The best-known downtown venue is The Ballroom, and they’ve just opened another location at Yonge and Bloor. But you can also find slightly cheaper options around downtown, for example at Playtime Bowl.


Virtual reality games

So I didn’t test it in Toronto, but I did outside of the city. A little story time: the first year we were together, we were supposed to go hot-air ballooning, but that was cancelled because of the wind. In a hurry, I had to find an activity around our hotel. I found this, and it was not bad, and quite a surprising experience! While researching for this article, I found something similar in Toronto. At Levelup Reality Virtual Arcade in downtown Toronto. They have lots of options. It’s a pretty cool experience, but you have to be at least 8 years old and accompanied by an adult.

Axe-throwing fun

Such a fun activity to try! And much more difficult than it looks. But still a great competitive group activity! I recommend BATL Axe Throwing, which has several locations across the city. They help you get to grips with the tool at first, and you can even organize tournaments if you feel up to the challenge. I tried it out and loved it!

Singing along to karaoke

Do you like singing in the shower? Maybe it’s time to take your singing to the next level and give yourself a moment of glory. I’ve already tried it, and it’s so much fun! You have small private rooms you can book, you choose your music, you have several microphones and even a small stage. Everything you need to live your best popstar life. I’ve tested Su Karaoke Bar on Yonge and Bloor and heard there are several nice ones on Spadina and Dundas. Depending on the location, they’ll have more or less French options, so be prepared to add to the difficulty of the rhythm… the language!

Board game cafés

We are adding one more option to the list of things to do indoors when it’s raining in Toronto: hang out in a board game café. There are several throughout the city. The best known is Snake and Latte, because they have several cafés in Toronto. It’s a good activity for a rainy day, but also a good way to try out new games you don’t know.


Visit the aquarium

At the bottom of the CN Tower is the Toronto Ripleys Aquarium. I wouldn’t recommend visiting the CN Tower when it’s raining in Toronto… simply because the view won’t be clear if it’s raining. But the aquarium is pretty cool, and if you’ve got kids they’ll love it!

Practice some sport

As I’ve already mentioned several times in my Youtube videos, sport is a big part of life in Toronto. You can take advantage of a rainy day to try yoga, spin, pilates or even relaxation sessions with sound therapy. Here are a few examples of studios:

Going to the pool

Yes, I know, I’m giving you an activity that won’t keep you dry. But there are several free indoor pools throughout the city. I invite you to check the information about community centres on the City of Toronto website. A great way to keep fit or practice your breaststroke before the vacations.

Going to the movies

I mentioned the cinema in my blog post on how to save on activities in Toronto. I mentioned it then because it’s cheaper on Tuesday nights, but we’re not going to choose when Mother Nature sends us rain right! It’s not necessarily easy at first when you arrive to follow the films, but it’s a good activity under shelter and in the warmth. You also have several options besides the giant Cineplex. You’ve got local cinemas that may have different programming. Or certain cinemas that also have documentaries or more specific offerings like HotDocs or the TIFF cinema on King West.


Rage room

Is the thought of a rainy day getting to you? Need to vent your anger? Was my recommendation above to go trampolining to relieve stress not effective enough? This new activity should help you release the tension. Enter a rage room. This concept has become very popular in recent years. You enter a room with a hammer in hand and you can destroy EVERYTHING!

Indoor obstacle course

I had the opportunity to try it out for a friend’s birthday party. Well, it’s very physical. So don’t expect a calm, relaxing activity. Wear running shoes and comfortable clothes. You’re going to jump, you’re going to cross, you’re going to climb. In short, you’re here to sweat. I recommend Pursuit OCR, and good luck!


Next up is an activity that’s no picnic either. And one that will keep you on your toes and give you a run for your money. I’m talking, of course, about paintball. And the one I want to recommend is indoors, so rain won’t be an excuse not to run. SGT Splatters offers 20 different scenarios, so you shouldn’t be bored! They even offer birthday deals, including pizza.

Laser game

This is the last on my list of things to do when it’s raining in Toronto that will require  any physical effort from you. I promise, for the rest, I’ll calm down a bit and offer you something a little more relax. If you don’t like getting dirty like paintball, but you like the concept, laser tag is for you! I haven’t tested it here, so I can’t recommend any particular place, but there are several. The one closest to the city center happens to be the same as the bowling alley recommended earlier: Playtime Bowl.

Go to a show

The great thing about living in such a big city is that there’s always something to see. There’s always a show on at one of the city’s theatres. If you decide to book at the last minute, check out the GameTime app for discounted tickets!

Explore the PATH

You may have heard that Toronto has an underground city. Over 28 kms of passageways under the city to keep you warm and protected from the vagaries of the weather. What you may not know is that there are artworks all over the PATH. A few months ago I organized a tour with my subscribers and the Toronto Historical Society. We learned more and it was exciting! Oh, and good luck, because you’ll probably get lost, but that’s to be expected.
activités faire Toronto pleut


An activity to make you feel good: take photos of yourself! And if you’re feeling photographer’s pressure, don’t worry! Monography offers a studio where you take the photos yourself. I’ve seen some of the photos and the result is really cool and makes a nice souvenir to bring home.

Expressing your artistic fibre

Wouldn’t this rain be a good excuse to let your artistic side out? Whether you want to make pottery or paint. Or whether you want to make candles, perfect your barista or florist skills. You’ll honestly find something for everyone in Toronto.

Explore independent galleries

This last activity will require a little research on your part. It’s not the big names you see everywhere, yet small independent galleries often put on small exhibitions. It’s a way for them to showcase certain artists and drive people to their gallery. Don’t expect to spend all day there, but it’s a good reason to go to a neighbourhood you are not too familiar with. And to follow up with the other activities mentioned above.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and that it’s given you some ideas for things to do in Toronto when it rains. Don’t hesitate to add your suggestions in the comments! If you’d like to discover other things to do in Toronto, there’s the version on what to do in winter in Toronto and what to do in summer in Toronto.

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