What does the future look like?

This is a very good question and many would like the answer, right? My future was completely shaken up a month and a half ago. I have always been transparent with you, explaining why I was going back to Canada when I decided in early 2017 to come back, I spoke to you without taboos of my health problems or when I decided to quit birth control. We can say that we are rather in a bubble where we feel safe here!

As many of you have noticed on Instagram I’ve had more time for the past few weeks, more flexible hours. At the end of June I found out that I was part of a restructuring plan and that I did not have a job anymore. In France this kind of decision would take months to be put in place. We would go through a lot of steps. Options to relocate employees. Options to train employees for a new career. Well here in 30 minutes top time is set and you leave with your box under the arm as in the movies. One more experience to add to my North American experience: cardboard under the arm and exit through the small door. I will not dwell on this experience for the moment. In a few months when I have enough perspective I will share my advice to live the best of this kind of events that we are not prepared in France and are not part of our professional culture. But also because instead of dramatizing I saw an opportunity. An opportunity to live the life that I imagine for months (years?) And which I have been planting the bases for now 5 years.

Bouncing on something that really excited me seemed obvious, not that I did not like my job quite the contrary, as if the Universe gave me the small (small..all is relative huh) kick which I ‘ needed to take the plunge. Everything happens for a reason that’s what they say no? For 5 years the blog has evolved, it brought me skills, meetings, connections, experiences beyond all that I could imagine, that allowed me to reach the conclusion today that this blog made me grow and made me want to go further. To be able to share more. To be able to bring you more for you too to find your way. It is not without emotion that I’m announcing to you that in September will take place my first workshop (in French) “how to develop your network in Canada”. It is written. Black on white. I have this project in mind for more than 18 months. You regularly ask me how to find a job in Toronto, how to develop your network and I know that no article can replace a face-to-face exchange. Together. No more hidding behind a screen. Wow, I’m so excited to be able to say it aloud (to high letter it works too … Okay I’ll find a better joke for the day of the workshop promised!). The tickets will go on sale next week, I can already tell you that the workshop will take place downtown and in the evening because many of you work during the day (although we have not yet found the job of our dreams we all need to pay our rent huh!). I will announce the sale on Instagram and will also update this article with the link. I can not wait to get your feedback !!

Of course, there are other projects that are taking place behind the scenes that I can not share yet. The moral of this story is that the life we dream of is never so far away. That you have to believe in yourself and especially surround yourself well. Do not think that the last 7 weeks have been super simple, but I have immense wealth: I am surrounded by people who know how to find the words. I would like to publicly say thank you from the bottom of my heart. In France, in Canada, I did not feel alone even for a minute.

Love mes petits loups.

The next morning a friend told me that it’s in discomfort that beautiful things happen. To the future.


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