A few days ago, I tasted mini donuts at Little Nicky’s Coffee on Queen Street West while reading Fashion magazine hanging around. I do not buy magazines for a while, occasionally in the summer if I leave a day at the beach and again. I no longer take the time to read and then I have access to the content online if I really want to read it. This is a perfect illustration of what I wanted to talk about today. I was reading the editorial and the person whose name I unfortunately forgot the name was patience. Or rather impatience.


She pointed out very justly that today luxury is no longer waiting. The Internet has revolutionized the way we consume, the physical shops have also had to adapt to meet our increasingly pressing needs, and services have changed to offer a more adapted offer. Today you can order most things through our phone whether you are in our bed, in the bus or even at the restaurant. Everything has been adapted so that everything is within reach of our hand. The more we are given and the more we want. Who has never groaned on seeing that the Uber announced 6 minutes of waiting instead of 3 usual? … Yes we have become a bit demanding.


I am the first to try to “make the most of my time”, to try to do more and more in a minimum of time to lose no time in my life doing nothing. Well I think sometimes we should take a moment and re-learn to wait. Remind yourself of the excitement you felt when you were going to retrieve the photos that were photographed at the photographer a week before, that you would go back to your holiday memories, find a picture of a moment you had already forgotten. If you are under 20 years it is possible that this reference does not speak to you really ^^


That’s what we tried to do in New York. We tried to change our habits, we let ourselves go to walk without planning everything by the minute. We could certainly have made more tons but we would not have had the same satisfaction not to watch our watches, to be guided by the sun and our stomachs to know what time it was. I remember an article by Joëlle from the blog Elle dit oui that was talking about slow travel, this concept of going on a train trip for example instead of taking the plane and enjoying the ride as a real part of the holiday. So we are still far away but I find the idea nice and taking time was already a good start!


An almost 100% North American outfit, the tee-shirt and the pants come from Forever 21 (yes I discovered a passion for their shop) and my new little sneakers outlet outside Toronto, they are Signed Michael Kors, they will be perfect for the beautiful days. And do not laugh the fine days will arrive one day in Canada, we just do not know when. I dared the scratch I do not know what you think but I confess you had a favorite on the saleswoman who wore them and I did not even ask the question. My military jacket by cons comes from the military surplus in Valence, 18 € skill price! I’m more than a fan.


Today I would like to help you take your time, write me in the comments a moment when you would like to take more time. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange.

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