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Where to eat in Valence ? 5th edition

You really thought I was going to leave without sharing my latest discoveries? It would have been wrong to know me! So we left for a fifth edition of the series: “Where to eat in Valence?”, Which celebrated its one year last month: happy birthday to our common passion for the good addresses of restaurants in Valencia! If you have not had the opportunity to read the previous editions, I invite you to read the first, second, third and fourth edition for a lot of gourmet ideas.

Since the first edition things have evolved since I set up an interactive map to find all the restaurants tested and approved with the heading: “My Addresses“. In addition on the map you will even find the addresses outside Valencia: super convenient!

Basilic & Co

We start with an address that I did not test myself since the team invited me to discover the concept “Pizza de terroir” after my departure. They were, however, brilliant and agreed that my brother would test the restaurant for me. Know that he took his mission very seriously. I received a detailed report. He liked the very large selection of pizzas and fougasses, being able to have a salad on measure but above all he loved to find local products like ice Adélice Terre (if you have not tested yet I strongly advise you , The Valrhôna chocolate that is no longer present. Big plus for gourmands: self-service desserts.

Price: between 8 and 15 € the pizza. 2 different sizes.

213 Avenue de la République 07500 Guilherand-Granges • Vegetarian pizzas • Website • Facebook



I’ve already told you about it in my favorite places to eat, but I wanted to include it in this article. Invited to test this address before the Christmas holidays I really was seduced by the charm of the place, the pizzas and the welcome. I went back a little before leaving with friends who wanted to test, we took the pizza at Nutella. Is it worth mentioning that this is an interstellar killing? If you do not believe me go try it yourself … They offer meat and burgers that also look delicious.

Price: between 10 and 15 € the pizza.

Allée du concept, Bourg les Valence (right beside the Théatre du Rhône) • FacebookWebsite


La Cuisine

I had only been once in this restaurant a few years ago, I thought it a little expensive and I had relayed it in the category to use in case of events to celebrate. Finally the prices are correct and the dishes served are very good. We were 13 (yes we were celebrating the birthday of my pretty Cora, I am the odd number #VieDeCelibataire) and I do not think I’m wrong in saying that we were all thrilled. We had a large table at the bottom. Only weak point for me but advantage for others: very little or no network where we were.

Price: between 15 and 35 €

5 place des Clercs • FacebookWebsite


Du Pain sur la Planche

I have heard about it several times around me in recent months before pushing the door just before I left. The map is in the form of tables displaying different boards. Everything is organic and homemade, the menu changes regularly and the preparation is super appetizing! There is something for every taste ! Small salad, small soup, spiced ricotta cake and even a crème brûlée with turnip! I highly recommend it.

Price: tray at 13 €

Zone des Murets 07300 Saint Péray • FacebookWebsite


Les Négociants

I had this restaurant on my list for quite a while. Full city center, especially known for its hotel you would almost forget that there is a very good and nice restaurant inside. And yet we should think more often. The hot goat salad I chose was hearty and delicious. The plate of ravioles of my sister was also very envy. Unfortunately I did not think of making a picture since I ate there before taking the train to Paris and I had a little head elsewhere ^^. If a noon you are in the area do not hesitate.

Rate: dish of the day about 12 €

27 Avenue Pierre Semard • Website • Facebook


crédits photos:

L’heure des Mets

Repeated a few months ago by a new chef it is an address to be rediscovered. From the echoes that I could have it is far from what was done before and it is therefore a pleasure to find the recently renovated Bouffier street animated by new heads. The dishes of the day are simple and very good. The welcome was top notch.

Price: lunch around 14 €

51 rue Bouffier • Facebook


Jack & Jill

Very well known in Valentinois this restaurant has been recommended to me many times. I lived 200m from the restaurant for 2 years but I waited the last weeks before my departure to go there. So let’s be honest we were away from all the praises I could hear over the months, I think we fell the wrong day. With all the good that I have heard, I will advise you all the same to make a tour. The place remains small so I recommend waiting for the sunny days and the opening of the terrace;)

Price: lunch around 12€

236 avenue Victor Hugo • Facebook



Invited on the occasion of the release of the new ravioles of Mother Maury a few months ago I was able to discover the restaurant of the Novotel and let’s be honest we enjoyed! The space is very nice and I also heard that once a week they organized jazz evenings, I had great echoes, especially on sunny days the outdoor space is top.

217 avenue de Provence • Site • Facebook



Traveling across the street? It is possible to taste the Indian and Nepalese specialties a few streets of the city center. An address to keep in mind to change habits and open up to the world!

No photos for greediness ^^.

Price: about 15 €

12 avenue Sadi Carnot • Site • Facebook

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