My hat in London

I’m going to serve you more London tonight. Feel happy that I didn’t stay more than a weekend so you are just gonna have 3 posts about it. But be prepared, at the end of the year I’m going to spend 10 days in Ireland, so I could already tell you: January is gonna be like you actually are in Ireland with me ! Can’t wait to discover this country, I heard great things about it. I’m going there for a particular reason: my Irish friend I met in Toronto is getting married !

ootd london

Some people (I don’t want to give names ^^) made fun of me when I took my hat to London. I knew it will be a really good protection against surprise rainy episode (we always know is coming, we never know when until it’s here). And it made the job 100%. This hat is my 2016 new love, I often pushed away the hat, I never though we could match. I bought it during my trip in Lille, because of the flashy colour I wasn’t sure if I could wear it often, finally we are besties.

I’m wearing a shirt designed in my area: Aron Davis ! Let’s have a look in their website, it the same brand of my cap I wore on Snapchat 😉 It’s not only super cool and trendy it’s also made with organic cotton ! Yes madam organic is not only on your plate !

Hat: Pimkie – Perfecto: Abercrombie & Fitch – Shirt: Aron Davis – Pants: Primark – Shoes: Nike – Bracelet: LOL

Belle soirée les petits loups à frange.

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